10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building an Innovative Culture - Meet LinkedIn Guru Anthony James

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Anthony James is CEO of Innovation & Growth at Trinity Consulting. He is one of LinkedIn’s most awarded influencers, recognized as having the 2018 LinkedIn Power Profile - #1 in Marketing & Advertising and 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice (Australia) and Most Influential Agency Voice in Asia Pacific in 2016. Today, he has close to 1 million followers. Read the full interview with Anthony below!

Anthony James

You are the global Innovation & Growth expert helping and providing value for so many people and companies worldwide. Can you tell us more about the work you and Trinity Consulting Services are doing?

I believe that, when people are learning, they are growing. I’m on a quest to make excellence a part of those lives that I come in contact with. For me, every day is an opportunity to make the world where I live and work in a better, more creative, and compassionate place.

I’m a lifelong optimist who believes that no mountain is too high to climb. Every obstacle has a solution attached to it, and even the most far-reaching dreams can be realised with imagination, creativity and resilience. My passion is to help the people I come in contact with turn a great idea into a breakthrough experience that can be seen, touched and felt globally.

I see that obstacles are just opportunities in disguise. Always looking over the next horizon, I am constantly seeking a chance to be a part of that one innovation that can change the way people experience the world.

For nearly 30 years, on four continents, I have helped organizations of all types and sizes learn the art of leadership, influence and technology disruption. My clients learn how to utilize entrepreneurial vision, creative thinking and innovation strategies to become experts in digital, sales, marketing, and brand loyalty. From new startups to big brands, I have helped teams get smarter while the business grows.

Before joining the global consulting ranks with IBM, CSC and Fujitsu, I was a graphic artist, animator and creative director- all skills that have served me well as I developed my consulting skills. At Trinity Consulting Services, I have been an expert in the commercialization of new ideas and the global growth of existing businesses in APAC, Europe/EMEA and Australia.

"If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it's about making your content visible and consistent."

You’re a big success on LinkedIn with almost 900 000 followers, and people love to engage with your content. What do you think is the reason for your LinkedIn success?

I am truly honored and humbled by the engagement that I receive on my posts and content on LinkedIn. There's no denying that. I'm also honored that I've been recognized by LinkedIn on a number of occasions, in 2018 receiving the #1 Power Profile amongst all marketing and advertising professionals in Australia, as well as receiving a top voice award. In 2016 I received one of the 3 global awards, being recognized as LinkedIn's Most Influential Voice Amongst Media Agencies in Asia Pacific.

I put this "success" down to a couple of fairly simple things. First and foremost, it's all about consistency. Consistently posting and sharing content that is new and exciting, in my opinion. If it's new and exciting to me, then there's has to be others that also find it new and interesting. If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it's about making your content visible and consistent.

The other big driver is engagement, it's not just putting up posts and articles it's about engaging with those that take the time to engage in your post—replying to comments, engaging in discussions and adding meaning and insight to the post. If my followers on LinkedIn can take the time to engage in my content, the least I can do is engage with them. Engagement also is it to 2-way street. I have the most meaningful discussions I've had and not even on my posts but other people's posts. In the words of Bobby Darnell, active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say "look at me!" without saying "look at me!".

Innovation is a topic we find very interesting and important for the world. As an Innovation Expert yourself, what tips, steps, or advice can you give the readers to help them create new innovative ideas that can make the world a better place?

I find that most companies, organizations and agencies claim that innovation holds the keys to future success and growth. As Group CEO Innovation and Growth at Trinity Consulting, I agree that with one large caveat, most only pay lip service to this thinking. As I continue to discuss and explore innovative business solutions for brands and clients, there are a set of questions I urge them (and now your readers) to think about….

If you can SUCCESSFULLY answer the majority of these questions, you will probably be on your way to building an innovative culture and ideas within your organization or agency. If you cannot, then be afraid… Be VERY afraid!

1. How does your company define innovation? Is it consistent across the company?

2. Are you focused more on “generating ideas” or “finding solutions” to problems worth solving?

3. What is the role of your leadership team in driving innovation? Do they see themselves as innovators?

4. How easy is it for your customers to contribute? Do you jointly develop solutions?

5. Does innovation suffer because your leadership team requires immediate revenue streams and returns?

6. If failure is recognized as a necessary component of risk, how does your company deal with it?

7. Who in the company is responsible for throwing the organisation off-balance, or at least looking at things differently?

8. How does your company ensure difficult, uncomfortable information is not ignored?

9. What is the “tomorrow problem” your company needs to begin working on today?

10. Are new solutions and concepts allowed to compete for support openly?

This is not the complete list. If you would like to learn more, or even engage my services then I recommend you to reach out and follow my profile on LinkedIn.

Finally, what do you have in front of you, and what’s your next big goal or innovation project? 

I probably can't go into too many details on this, however, the next really big area that I'm exploring is in the mental health and well-being space. Innovation hasn't really touched this area in any great way, and with the unprecedented global situation we find ourselves all in, mental health and well-being is more important than ever. Watch this space…

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