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Written by: Tanya Slater, Executive Contributor

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Do You Want Business Success AND Quality Time with your Family? Then, go home! The Girl Who Simplified explains how her students are moving forward in life, and business, by decluttering and simplifying their homes. Tanya’s alternative, holistic approach to happiness, fulfillment and success is exploding and about to take the business world by storm.

Tanya says, “When you take control of your home, you WILL take control of your life.”

As one of Tanya’s students puts it, ”Move over Marie Kondo, The Girl Who Simplified takes clearing to a whole other level!”

Let’s take a moment to look at the reality for many female business owners and entrepreneurs.

The child/work guiltconundrum - Being responsible for children, a home and a business is a common scenario for female business owners. Millions of us are in this (or similar) situation, knowing we are capable of so much more than we’re currently achieving. If only we had more time to focus on the business without interruption or distraction. When working, we feel guilty that we’re not doing more with the children and when we’re with our children, we feel guilty about the work we’re neglecting. This never-ending cycle of emotion hampers creativity and productivity in both areas. This, dear mum, is when you need to go home.

Self-Care – But I’m too tired! – You see it everywhere you look; you should be exercising, you should be taking time for yourself, you should be eating healthily, not to mention you should be the most important person in your life. Now, while I admit that one of my favorite sayings is “shoulda’s are shit”, there is an element of truth in all of this. You know the drill; you can’t pour from an empty cup! That’s all well and good, I hear you say, but how can any of this happen when I have no spare time, energy, headspace, or money? I’m already struggling to fit everything in, so how are things ever going to change? This, my deserving fellow human, is when you need to go home.

Want to make £10k a month? – Surely that would solve all my problems, right? Hmm... nope! I frequently see this ‘magpie effect’ (and been subjected to it myself) where some clever marketers have managed to speak to your deep-rooted insecurities, convincing you that what they have to offer is the missing piece of the puzzle. That if you implement their software, use their tool or embark on their coaching program, you will finally make it; you and your business will be a success! Be honest with yourself, how many things have you invested in that you have not used because, surprise surprise, you don’t have the time or the energy to commit and/or be consistent. This, my ambitious business-owning friend, is when you need to go home.

Boundaries. Setting them AND upholding them – This could be an entire article on its own (and most likely will be!), but for now, we’ll just dip a toe in. What is the one thing you wish you had more of? Most people will answer “time”. Time is the most coveted global commodity. None of us know how much we have, and most of us give it away far too freely to people and situations that we don’t really want to and, as a result, don’t give our precious time to the people and things that are most important to us. Why do we do this? I believe it’s partly due to a lifetime of conditioning and partly due to our inability to set and uphold boundaries - both in our personal life and in our work. This, my beautiful soul, is when you need to go home.

So, what do I mean when I say, “Go Home”?

Exactly that! If there’s anything in your life or business that isn’t working, that’s draining you or taking up time and energy you know would be better invested elsewhere, look to your home.

“When you take control of your home, you will take control of your life.” - Tanya Slater

I have been on a decade-long journey of clearing and simplifying. I started in my home and went on to declutter my entire life: finances, friends, family, health, business, spirituality, commitments, the lot!

I now know that our home should be a place of sanctuary, a place where each household member feels accepted for who they are and that they belong. When our home supports us to feel like this, we feel connected to ourselves and to each other. When we experience this, we start to gain clarity on our purpose and goals in life, and with that comes improved confidence in ourselves and our ability to run a house, lead a family, be healthy and grow a successful business.

Over many years, a lack of this connection has seen us fill our homes and lives with unnecessary ‘stuff’, hoping it will solve our problems and bring us happiness. The reality is that all this ‘stuff’ we have accumulated is actually why we constantly feel tired, drained, overwhelmed, financially strained and like we never have enough time to do all the things in life we want to and know we’re capable of. There is a solution that can solve almost all your problems, and I want to spend my life shouting about it because it’s so simple. It costs nothing and anyone can do it—Declutter your home my friend. I’ll say it again. DECLUTTER YOUR HOME. That’s it.

I love this quote, “Clutter is just a load of delayed decisions.” Unknown.

This is something we tend to be oblivious of, and it’s only when we shine a spotlight on the clutter in our homes and lives that we begin to understand how much it weighs us down. I love witnessing the transformational shift in my Home Clearing Club students when they begin to experience weightlifting and the knock-on effect this has on their well-being, family, home, life, and business. It is truly magical.

There is an old saying “tidy house, tidy mind”, and in my many years’ experience, this is spot on. They go hand in hand. I find that I can’t keep my focus on work or relax when I try to, if my home is upside down and many of my students often share with me that their house is a direct reflection of how they are feeling inside.

If you have reached your ‘enough is enough’ moment and want things to change in your home, personal life, and business, why not put a stake in the ground and with a decided heart, try implementing the following actions and begin your own clearing journey.

9 Things you can do start creating a home that supports you and your family better and trigger a ‘snowball effect’ of benefits by simply ‘simplifying’.

  1. Get yourself a dedicated Clearing Journal

  2. Write down your big life goals and desires

  3. Think about how a clearer, more simplified home could benefit you and your family – what would you all gain?

  4. Think about the purpose of your home and write that down too

  5. Now visit every room in the home and decide on the purpose of each space – This is a great opportunity for fun family discussions

  6. Start in the entrance to your home and schedule a time this week to begin clearing

  7. With the purpose of each space in mind, first remove everything that appears obvious not to belong there

  8. Next, spend some time working, item by item, through the room, removing everything that is no longer needed and does not support the purpose of the room

  9. Over the next few days, observe how people come and go and find solutions for the items that seem to need a home there.

I hope this short read has given you an insight into the power of decluttering, and looking within for the answers you seek, to start you on your own clearing journey.

If you would like to learn more about how I help women like you turn the page, pick up your pen and write the next successful chapter of your life story, check out our awesome online community and enjoy regular tips and inspiration to your inbox.

You can also check out my website, learn about my Home Clearing Club starting October 1st and join my free private community, The Curious Souls Life Clearing Club. I cannot wait to meet and empower you to take control of your home so you can take control of your life.

Here’s to the simple life,


Tanya Slater, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Bringing together a lifetime of experiences, childhood trauma and adult pain as well as a decade of clearing, Tanya introduces entrepreneurs to the power of decluttering so that they can enjoy success in business AND quality time for themselves and their families. Working online, Tanya runs The Home Clearing Club, guiding and coaching busy business owners methodically through the rooms in their homes while leveraging the power of peer support in the group. Her proven method sees her students experiencing the concept “when you take control of your environment, you can take control of your life” very quickly for themselves. Tanya loves witnessing people's surprise as they experience the transformational shift from such a simple act of clearing. The Girl Who Simplified mirrors Tanya’s own learning and journey of 30+ years condensed into a succinct and tried and tested formula. The Home Clearing Club has her students coming back for more and continuing their clearing and simplifying adventure in other areas of their life as members of The Curious Souls Life Clearing Club. Clarity, confidence, calm, inner peace, purpose, improved relationships, better mental and physical health, family communication, business success, life purpose, and the list of benefits are endless and joyful and it all starts in your home and heart.



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