Social Media is a Double-Edged Sword

Written by: Jessica East, Executive Contributor

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Social media is the great equalizer. It allows small businesses to compete with giant corporations at costs they can afford. Social allows us to connect with friends and loved ones who are no longer geographically close. Social allows us to educate ourselves on matters of government, health, and safety.


Social is also used to confuse, frighten and destroy. Tiny bits of truth are exploited for cash through clickbait-y headlines, mismatched images, and doctored memes. Hate groups and conspiracy theorists peddle personal feelings as facts to divide us all.

The last few weeks have been hard. Heck, the last several months have been hard.

Why would someone who helps clients manage their own social accounts put out such a message? I have seen so many people spiral down online rabbit holes into debilitating fear, incoherent thinking, and uncontrollable rage -- especially these last few weeks. They can't leave their homes; they're barely functioning. It's not healthy.

"The best way to feel better is to get your hands dirty doing something to help someone else."

It’s not that social media shouldn’t emotionally influence us, instead, we cannot become overcome to the point we’re living in fear and not present to fully live our lives.

If you find yourself pulling away from friends, family, and activities, it’s okay and advisable to take a break from social media. The length of the break is obviously up to you. Some people find it useful to set time limits per day to catch up on the news, while others find themselves needing a complete shut-off for several days or even several weeks.

If you have to be engaged with social channels for work, try smaller breaks during the day: take a walk, cook a good meal, volunteer at a neighborhood non-profit. Our communities all have so many opportunities to plug in and give back. The best way to feel better is to get your hands dirty doing something to help someone else.

We can't work towards making our neighborhoods better if the negative emotions consume us that too much bad news can do.

Be well.

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Jessica East, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jessica East entered the creative scene in 2001 when she started her design career at MeadWestvaco. From her initial position as a junior graphic designer, Jessica advanced to a small marketing firm, picking up marketing, social media and event planning skills, and then on to a position as creative services manager for Five Rivers MetroParks. At MetroParks, she took on the challenging role of utilizing and policing new brand standards for an organization that previously lacked any formal marketing department. During her watch, the parks were pulled out of their staid ’70s look and blossomed into a new, energetic brand that matched the organization’s values of making the community healthy and vibrant. Jessica started her own agency, Noir Marketing and PR, in 2012.

Ms. East obtained her degree in graphic design at Bowling Green State University, where she joined the Phi Mu sorority and remained an active alumna in her local chapter. In addition to making dazzling designs, this marketing maven has collected enough ADDYs to back U.S. currency. Other awards and recognition include a laundry list of local and national design and professional awards, including several Mercury Awards and nominations, ADDYs of all metals, OPRA and NRPA awards, recognition in Print and GDUSA magazines as well as Teen magazine’s “50 Hot Picks for School.”



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