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Nestle Creates Line Of Frozen-Food For Ozempic Users

Food giant, Giant, is launching a frozen-food brand aimed squarely at people who are using GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy.

The Vital Pursuit range is being mooted by the press as the company’s bid to target the growing number of consumers using the weight-loss and diabetic-treatment drugs. This will also counter a prospective drop-off in sales as people eat less frequently whilst on these drugs. It will offer 12 items initially and will be priced $4.99 or less. Consumers can expect it in the shops by the fourth quarter of the year.

“The consumer research shows that there are certain nutrients and certain macros that need to be delivered to actually help the consumers stay healthy along the journey of the GLP-1 treatment,” Nestle’s North America CEO Steve Presley told CNBC.

Health policy research organization KFF reports that one in eight adults in the US has used a GLP-1 drug at some point; and half are still using them. Research from Morgan Stanley suggests that this percentage to rise to 9% of the total population by 2035. 



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