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My Spiritual Awakening

Written by: Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Many of you I am sure have watched the film Sixth Sense. The infamous sentence “I can see dead people” is one I proclaimed to my parents at 3:14 am on Friday 18th April 2020.

Being awake at night was common for me, however this night was different; I never slept a wink. As the clock struck 3 am, I had visions of white, yellow, golden light beaming around my head. I visually saw vertical vibrations going through my head, into my brain reaching my pineal gland, then turning horizontal and exiting via my ears. I could physically feel the vibrations, like a ticking bomb ready to explode.

Out of fear I rose from lying down to sitting up straight, with my bed covers round my waist, contemplating whether a 24-year-old woman should go running into her parent’s room. But I quickly pulled myself together and thought, if I do that my parents would be telling this story at every family gathering, and I would never live it down. So I choose my dignity over my fear, I stayed where I was and hoped the experience would pass.

To break free of the unbearable pain, I decided to squeeze my eyelids together and rub my eyes in hopes that placing pressure would relieve pain. To my surprise, it worked instantly and I opened my eyes!

Friday 18th April 2020 is to this day, as important as my birthday. So many events happened this day: it was the day Jesus died (Good Friday), the 14th day of isolation (as I had contracted COVID) but le piece de le résistance was that on this day at 3:03 am, I could see and hear the dead.

There at the end of my bed stood 7 spirits: 6 relatives and 1 random German Soldier. To my surprise interaction with the spirit was not how movies describe it; not one of the deceased came charging at me asking to pass on a message. It was quite the contrary. They kept their distance; they stood at the end of my bed, others sat on chairs (there are no chairs in my room), and the German Soldier was floating.

As I blinked in disbelief, I became quickly aware, what I was seeing was real. The emotion of belief was so prominent and pure, questioning it felt like I was disrespecting their existence. I just knew they were real, deep down I always have. They stood observing me as I observed them. I had no fear. How could I? My great grandparents, both paternal and maternal stood facing me, proud, content, mellow, and peaceful. I felt an overwhelming emotion of unconditional love, protection, and relief, as if their prayers had been answered; peace and balance were to be restored for my family and me.

My deceased relatives stood in a full human size, their shoulders brushed each other’s as they squeezed into the confined space at the end of my bed. As my thoughts questioned why they all seemed younger, my Great Grandfather responded, “We chose the time we felt our strongest, when we were in our prime”. I chuckled and then realised he just answered my question in English – his mother tongue was Italian, he never left Italy. I was quickly informed that on the other side everything was omniscient. It was then my dad’s godfather stepped forward and said “You can hear us!” Alarmed at the idea I could hear them, I felt eagerness and excitement amongst them all.

Except however the German Soldier, fearful, he continued to repeat the words: “Can she really see us, can she really hear us? No I don’t believe it”. It was then that I turned to him, observing him from head to toe with curiosity; I was shown his fear of me. He was afraid of me. (I grew up being afraid of spirit, but the shoe was on the other foot now.) I was shown a vision of where I had seen this man before.

When I was 7 years old, whilst my mum was in labour with my youngest brother the evening before; I was taken to my cousin's house to stay. There that night I was distressed, and woke up pacing at the end of my cousin's bed. I sensed energy I did not like. It was then I remembered seeing a German Soldier observing my cousin and me as we slept.

As the memory came to an end, I was made aware I was back in my own bedroom and looked directly into the eyes of the German Soldier as if I had discovered his secret. Frightened he disappeared into thin air, where I was left with a random thought, had he vanished to report back to his Master.

I was too excited to ask questions, I continued to observe my deceased relatives. I was in awe. I hadn’t seen them since I was a child, but now directly in front of me stood my Bisnonno Francesco, my Great Grandad on my paternal side. He had his arms crossed in protection mode. Next to him sat his wife, Bisnonna Assunta, just like as I remembered her sitting on her chair. Standing next to her were my other Great Grandparents on my maternal side, embracing each other and eager to talk to me.

There was a mutual understanding between us all, I was to rest and we would speak in the morning. But I couldn’t sleep, I was worried if I closed my eyes I would stop seeing them.

I turned to my phone, I saw the time 3:14 am. For three years I had struggled to sleep and I always woke at 3:14 am. Those who are reading this know the number 3.14 is just as important as any angel number. 3.14 is Pi. I took this as a sign of confirmation and forgot all about my dignity and my 24-year-old self went running into my parents’ room, like a child.

One day my parents will share their own version of that night. However, those who are wondering I did traumatize my parents that night. Now we look back and joke about me seeing dead people.

To those who have had a similar experience or resonate with anything within this article, take it as a sign to contact my family and I, your friendly Shamanic Practitioners. You are being summoned.

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Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Giannina has been able to communicate with spirit since childhood, after many years of suffering from a family curse, her perpetrators let their guard down and Giannina managed to break free and embody her spiritual gift. Giannina heard her calling to become a Shaman and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner. She has since quickly gained recognition for her transformational healings across the country, working alongside her parents, who are also Shamans.

During Giannina’s Shamanic ceremony, she was given the blessing of Mother Energy and draws upon Mother, to transform trauma and pain into forgiveness and love. She works closely to bring deep healing to individuals, buildings and land. – It is no surprise Giannina’s given shamanic name is Mother, as hidden within her name is GAIA.

Giannina’s passion is to help others and what better way than through her natural gift of spiritual healing? Understanding her role in this life is to leave Humanity better than how she found it; Giannina is the Founder of Humans of Humanity, where she offers Shamanic healing for all who seek it, she is also the CEO of Gentle Grow, where she sells conscious products.



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