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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Mindset and wellness mentor Sara Abaza comes from Kuwait and a conservative Arabic family, and she was fed with thoughts of limiting beliefs and a narrow mindset from early age. She was stuck in that mindset for a long time but the turning point came when she started listening to English music. That was the one thing that inspired her to go beyond her surroundings, to go beyond what she thought she was.

Sara Abaza

What is the reason why you help people control their level of stress?

– Stress is the main cause of all the diseases mentally and physically in the modern world and people don't understand the main reason for the disease is a continuous pattern after getting motions and feelings. Ones they are trapped into the stressed, they are actually trapped into a bigger picture which is an emotion which is not healthy which rewires your brain neurologically and the change our whole emotions negatively that's not serving them.

What do you say is important working and being a stress coach expert?

– I organically speak about my career with everyone and anyone. It's like my number one topic to help someone with their stress or to allow them to see the positive aspects of their life to uplift them and make them see that it's also choices when it comes how we feel and make them see gratitude and appreciation.

You are helping corporations and schools with your work - what is the reason for that, and why do you think they choose you as a speaker and coach?

– When it comes to school, I represent the generation and I feel that students want to see someone like them, and it's very important to show them that I have been as from this generation through a lot of emotions and self Discovery that made me self-reliant and obsessed about getting myself to understand myself.

– If students know what I know, they will be happier and with fewer regrets and less stress in their future as they will be equipped to handle the stressful situations in their life and can perform better and bigger in their early stage of career, so it's essential to invest in the mental conditioning of students.

– I believe it is a duty of any school management that they invest in bringing the mindset of students of their schools to grow and achieve less stressful conditions. As a client and a coach, everyone walks through businesses and I always pay attention to the people who work smooth their body posture and everyday conversation with each other. I always see that I have something that can be implemented to get better results as a whole and make business Rise and Shine and make people happy and more satisfied.

You are such a positive person. Is that something you always been, and can you teach others how to become more optimistic?

– I have always been an intuitive person. I've always relied on listening to my intuition since I was a kid, and my environment wasn't the healthiest or the best. However, I think that's what I feel my purpose is and why I have become very wise from inside of everything happening around me without getting involved in the emotional state that may drag anyone into it. I think its power like something from God. I will always be a positive person and have always been looking at the best-case scenario of my life.

Finally, what are your goals for the near future?

– For the Future, I want to work with as many people as I can. I want to help as many people as I can, and I am bringing on a very special and very focused program for people who want to get a better life, a better future for themself just by understanding some concepts and going through some easy to use techniques a daily basis. I want to serve every human on this globe to live a better and happy life.

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