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Intimacy Coaching – The Surprising Way To Improve Organizational Performance

Written by: Magda Kay, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Magda Kay

Good companies provide a standard set of employee benefits. Outstanding companies actively seek to improve work-life balance, prevent burnout and boost productivity for their C-level executives.

Cheerful businesspeople sitting and working at the office

If you’re looking for a quick shortcut to higher company ratings, you might want to jump off board here. But if you’re looking to support your C-Suites in the long game, boost employee satisfaction and attract top talent for your organization, look no further.

The new paradigm of work

Companies are no longer places where people simply go to work. Companies with the highest satisfaction ratings know they must step up their offering, providing a fertile soil for individuals to contribute meaningfully, develop new skills, and grow into the best version of themselves.

Evolved organizations show support in all areas of their employees’ lives.

They encourage work-life balance.

They have a holistic understanding of their people’s needs.

They nurture self-actualized managers.

Because they know that keeping their eye on the ball when it comes to meeting needs beyond the workplace, is the key to a consistently flourishing company.

It’s something of a superpower if a company doesn’t forget to recognize a highly important facet of human nature: that at our core, we are motivated by a deep need for fulfillment and personal growth; or as Maslow would put it, self-actualization.

But it’s surprising how many companies fail to identify intimacy as a major key to fulfillment and personal growth. Oftentimes, at their own detriment.

In a post-pandemic world, organizations need to be aware, more than ever, that their employees have a fundamental need for deep connection and should be supported in attaining and nurturing meaningful relationships.

Because when surviving is taken care of when our basic human needs are met, we can move on to thriving. Humans need intimacy in order to truly thrive. They need intimacy to reach their maximum potential.

Unfortunately, most companies lean back on glamorizing the basic “survival” package, usually relying on monetary benefits to reward and retain their C-level executives. But the truth is, that in today’s competitive environment, attracting and retaining top talent means revolutionizing the possibilities for personal growth a company offers their employees. This is where Intimacy Coaching comes in.

What is intimacy coaching?

Intimacy Coaching involves 1:1 personalized guidance, where individuals are first invited to explore their emotions and identify their deepest needs. Coached by a trained professional, they are supported in finding fulfilling emotional and intimate connections in their lives. A trained expert will ensure their client feels safe, validated and seen in order to pursue lasting intimacy with a new or existing partner.

A professional with a happy home life inevitably performs better in the workplace. CEO’s with healthy, connected relationships will outperform if they have the support of their partner. Alternatively, if one of your CEO’s is experiencing a painful divorce, their productivity will be hindered and could affect the company as a whole. Imagine being able to offer them a holding hand through personal troubles (such as break ups, marriage problems or the challenges of single life) while they’re trying to keep up with the daily pressures they face at work.

So why intimacy coaching?

Stand out as a pioneering workspace

For the top talent, high salaries and standard benefits don’t make the cut anymore. The companies that attract and retain great minds offer more. Including 1:1 VIP coaching in your C-Suite benefits package puts you on the cutting edge of meeting the full and deepest spectrum of needs of your leaders.

By investing in their emotional and intimate growth, you play an active role in improving the quality of their lives. An expansion of their emotional capabilities in their personal lives will naturally and organically translate to the workplace, increasing their ability to be more effective, productive and collaborative leaders.

Prevent burnout

Your C-Suite executives take on enormous levels of responsibility. Long hours and high stress puts them at the greatest risk for burnout. And high turnover at the C-level can be catastrophic for the health of your company. This fissure in leadership can lead to imbalance, distress and a notable loss of productivity at every level of the company.

The solution is to proactively ensure a strong work-life balance is embedded in your benefits offering instead of picking up the pieces when it’s too late.

As we all know, a happy home life means a happier, more engaged professional. Executive intimacy coaching will increase your leaders’ work satisfaction and morale, which will inevitably trickle down to all the teams they manage. We all know the impact a good (or bad) boss can have on our job satisfaction and productivity. By investing in your leaders’ emotional health, you increase employee satisfaction across your entire company.

Show you care

An attractive company isn’t just a business. Executives who can make a difference want to be a part of something with a vision, values and integrity. Providing executive intimacy coaching as an offering to your C-Suites sends a loud and clear message: that at your company, people matter.

They’re not just there to work and generate profit; they’re recognized as individuals with personal needs and boundless potential. And you’re there to help them reach that potential in all facets of their lives. Your holistic investment in them will create a workplace that runs effectively and is a genuine expression of your core values.

Taking a proactive step in supporting your C-suites in their intimate lives, in attaining balance and true fulfillment, can really position you at the leading edge of company satisfaction. Executive Intimacy Coaching was crafted with them in mind.


What is executive intimacy coaching?

Executive Intimacy Coaching (EIC) is a proprietary framework and methodology I created, a unique employee benefit that can be offered to CEOs and C-Suite executives of a company or firm.

With personal experience in the corporate world, I combine my deep expertise in sexuality and coaching with an understanding of the demands of the workplace. I have seen how taking a specialized, personal approach in this area of your C-Suite’s lives can help them become better, more effective leaders and increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and visit my website for more info!

Magda Kay Brainz Magazine

Magda Kay, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Magda Kay is an intimacy expert, certified Tantra teacher, speaker, and author on a mission to help individuals around the world experience more love, pleasure, and intimacy. For almost a decade, her advice on relationship dynamics has helped countless singles and couples alike live more fulfilling and authentic lives in and outside of the bedroom. Magda embarked on a journey of sexual healing that led her to Bali, Nepal, India, and Thailand. She studied Tantra, conscious sexuality, yoga, bodywork, and energy healing, and today she helps to spread these vital Tantric teachings around the world. With a degree and background in business, Magda has a natural gift for translating esoteric concepts into practical ones.



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