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How To Start A Meaningful Wellness And Spa Business

Written by: Patrizia Bortolin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Patrizia Bortolin

Spa, healing centers, wellness hotels, spa destinations, holistic retreats, thinking already about the world’s first in-flight Wellbeing Zone to debut aboard Qantas' A350 in 2025the variety of modalities and facilities to start a business in the wellness industry is huge. Within this scenario, quality and innovation in creating the wellness design are more and more key to determine the success of the business.

A man doing a spa to her woman customer.

As researches by the Global Wellness Institute confirm, the data of the Health & Spa Economy show year after year increasing volumes worldwide. In order to emerge, with a clear and powerful identity among the competitors in the industry, a project has to be inspired by a unique vision, be created with impeccable implementation and be managed with extraordinary level of service and operations.

Nurture and live the holistic knowledge

The first step of wellness design is to understand the essence of the place, investigating the local culture and traditions in terms of wellbeing and identifying its unlocked potential. It depends whether it’s a completely new project or the update of an existing one, but generally after staying a couple of days I can sense which the main direction of the development could be.

My process is ‘idea-research-study-design-develop-trial-go-live’ and my aim is to use my love for the Health & Spa world and my deep trust in holistic therapies to bring everything to life. Searching is key to find the uniqueness of the concept, I am in the project but I am also outside. The more your knowledge fund is wide and the more you have a solid basis to approach a new project.

Holistic healing and wellness are a vast territory, studying and learning from the luminaries and experts in the field is vital to maintain the personal expertise solid and alive. And especially in wellness, a practice or a concept is completely yours only if you have lived and experienced it.

Find wellness balance between heart and mind

I’m extremely creative and my life is 24-hour wellness research, always tuned and updated, so once the flow of creativity starts it goes far and fast – I then adapt to the frame of the project, whether it is resources, space or budget.

Experience in the operations of spa and wellness hotel is mandatory in order to guide the implementation of the concept into each department.

When it comes to execution, I benefit from logistics, management, marketing and people skills trained in years of development of international projects.

It is the harmonic combination between the intuition and the sensitive power of the hearth and the functional and organizational approach that allows the uniqueness of the project to come to life.

Be always coherent

Walk your talk. Marketing and communication are powerful tools, but if you don’t embrace fully your wellness design when it comes to the operational side, sooner or later, the project will lose its magic sparkle. That is something that remains alive only if each service and activity is nurtured by its original intention.

That is why is fundamental to follow step by step the implementation process, to make sure that each single piece of the puzzle is falling into the right position.

Care for your human network

Health & Spa is all about people and about the impact that each one can have on the persons they meet. And so is the hospitality industry.

On both sides, the one who delivers the service and the one who receives it.

Now finally people are more open to ask for holistic experience, they talk immediately about challenges that before they prefer to keep hidden, also the emotional experience is now something that people are asking about. Not only when they book their wellness experience but also when they interview for a new role.

That means not only creating wellness experiences which are aligned with the targeted client needs, but also plan a continuous program of training and education for the team.

Keeping them interested and involved in the project, curate the alchemy of the human resources dedicated to deliver your wellness project, is a never ending yet rewarding process.

Building and being able to access a network of selected professionals within the wellness industry and recognize the right people for each project can be one more variable that determine the success of a business.

Glowing Flow is a wellness specialist hub with made in Italy tailoring approach, offering bespoke business development, project management, pr & marketing strategies, education and coaching programs for entrepreneurs in leading spa and hospitality destinations wanting to enhance their wellness vision or to create new contemporary wellbeing designs. Glowing Flow was founded by Patrizia Bortolin, award winning Wellness Designer and Healing Coach, designed of several international wellness projects and Stefano Battaglia, Co-Founder of Glowing Flow, a pioneer of emotional and mental wellbeing, fine expert in various holistic and healing techniques.

Discover more about our services and advisory support and flow with us here.

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Patrizia Bortolin Brainz Magazine

Patrizia Bortolin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

An award-winning Wellness Consultant & Spa Designer with a successful track record in designing, developing and launching unforgettable wellness concepts, Retreats, treatments and products, for emerging and established brands in the hospitality sector.

Patrizia Bortolin is a Life Coach, Transformational Wellness Pioneer, Wellbeing researcher and World Food Travel Association Ambassador, with extensive experience in transformational tourism, wellness sales & marketing, healing wellness hospitality, sustainability, beauty & natural remedies.

Industry leaders, high profile clientele and travel specialists recognised Bortolin’s unique ability to design and manage memorable Spa Concepts in remarkable locations. She incorporates world-class healing, beauty, and contemporary wellness principles to create world-renowned spas for which she has been honoured with the most prestigious international Spa Awards.

A love of learning and passion for healing continually guides Bortolin in building a meaningful career in international Spa Management and her pioneering mental wellbeing approaches, awareness and body-mind-spirit integrated wellness tools.

Bortolin has extensive experience leading Medical Spas, Spa Destinations and luxury Spa Hotels which gives her a profound and very concrete knowledge and understanding of wellness hospitality. She has also previously travelled widely as an Executive for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.


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