How to Market Your Business in Corona-Conomy - in 6 Steps

Written by: Jade Shebelski

We are full speed ahead traveling into a new type of economy, the Corona-Conomy. For most of our businesses, business as usual abruptly halted sometime in March of 2020. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we were challenged by "how do I digitally market my business now?" My product or service seems irrelevant when people are concerned about their financial future and their family's health and safety.

So much has changed in the months that we have been safe at home. People's priorities have shifted, and for your marketing to be successful, you need to keep this top of mind.

1. Reevaluate your goals

When you were business planning for 2020, the chances that you predicted a global pandemic into your marking planning are next to zero. It's time to reevaluate your marketing goals because the content that worked pre-Corona is not going to work in this new Corona-Conomy. Weeks and months safe at home have to lead to a vast majority of the population and your niche to reevaluate their spending and life priorities. Not only is your business competing for the attention of your competitor's audience, but your business is also fighting against streaming and up and coming apps.

2. Evaluate Your Social Channels

The chances are that you have a presence on every single platform; however, every single platform might not be sending business your way. Evaluate in your analytics which social channels are sending your traffic. Once you've discovered which channels are regularly feeding your website ask yourself:

  • What is the goal of this channel?

  • What content on this channel is working, how do I create more of what's working?

Remember, your business does not need to be present on every social channel that your audience is present on. Decide to be present only on the channels that are feeding your web traffic and serve that audience faithfully and consistently.

3. Talk Directly To Your Audience

That email list you have that has inches of dust settling on it from never being used, this is the time to start implementing that list. If people did not feel overwhelmed by scrolling social pre-Corona, they have been feeling it lately. This list of people has told you, "Yes, I want to hear directly from you in my inbox." Give the people what they want, an email from you. Since March, I have been writing more emails for clients, and the open rates have gone from 15% to 60%. The more successful open rates make sense because, in social media algorithms, your message can get lost in the sea of posts. By intentionally sending your list an email, your message is more often than not received, and you have the statistics to prove it.

4. Build Your List

If you have not been actively working on building your list, the time is now. Again your messaging can get lost on the social channels, making email into your new 2020 marketing campaign can do nothing but help you. Start with an offer, a 10% coupon, or free shipping on their first order. If you are a B2B service provider, consider a free download. Something to get your ideal customer/client to give you their email in exchange for something small that you can do for them.

5. Don't be Insensitive.

What people are hungry for now on social is authenticity. That word can get annoying, but we have just spent 3+ months of our lives not knowing what the future is. We still don't see the future when Coronavirus is concerned. Social media was created as a place to be social for like-minded people to come together and share each other's photos and stories. Figure out how to get your business or brand back to the basics of social media and creating a connection. Digital marketing, more than ever, moves in the direction of storytelling, think of ways to implement this approach into your marketing campaign.

6. Make It Worth Their Money

Financial concerns are a very legit issue for many worldly economies right now. In this Corona-Conomy, you have to tell your audience that purchasing your product is worth exchanging money for in uncertain financial times. The days of many impulsive purchases, because an influencer posted and said this product was cool, are dwindling.The challenge now is to think outside the box. Look at your analytics, see what has been working in this new Corona-Conomy, and build on that. This Corona-Conomy is not business as usual; it elevates and challenges industry and entrepreneurs to do better. Focus on being organic and relevant. Communicate to your audience, how your business is relatable in a time of uncertainty, and how your business can touch the lives and routines of a new way to live in the world.

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Jade Shebelski, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine

Jade Shebelski is a content creator and social media marketing professional based in the Pacific Northwest. She has made a living out of sharing stories for brands and is the founder of Maven & Muse Media. In a world of endless social profile scrolling, Jade works with businesses to create content and social media strategy that sets their businesses apart.



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