How To Grow Your Business After A Rough 2020

Written by: Serena Fordham, Executive Contributor

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2020 was an extremely turbulent year for many businesses and business owners. As a result of numerous lockdowns, the day-to-day running and businesses' success were impacted. However, a fresh ‘new year, new me’ mindset can be applied to your business or company. There are certain things you can do to ensure that 2021 is a much more prosperous year.

Here, we share how to grow your business after a rough 2020:

Reflect on past business decisions – To achieve your 2021 business goals, you need to take accountability for less successful choices that have been made whilst also celebrating the ideas that worked. Analyzing what has previously gone right and wrong is key to be able to move forward.

Make a plan – Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Setting both short and long-term goals can help you remain focused throughout the year whilst also feeling like your business progresses.

Get online – It’s safe to say that for the foreseeable future, how businesses are run will be mostly online or digitally. Meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, or other alternative video chat platforms can be just as productive and useful as those in person. Your business doesn’t have to come to a stop just because you are working from home.

Up your social media game – A great way to grow your business is by utilizing social media platforms to spread the word about your products or company. Having a strong social media presence can help you attract a larger number of customers or clients.

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Serena Fordham, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Serena is an expert Business Strategist, Growth/Development and Empowerment Mentor to Female Entrepreneurs, and a best-selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and successful multiple Business Owner. Her main passion is offering business strategies, support, and empowerment to ambitious and high vibe business women both locally and internationally – through HER Business Revolution. She is also known for her organizational skills by owning Glow Virtual Assistants and supporting women and child-related charities (also founding two charitable initiatives – Mums Empowerment Movement and SociaBubble).



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