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How To Find Purpose Within Your Work

Written by: Tracey Gazel, Executive Contributor

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The Great Resignation signaled an important time in history. Millions of people were feeling so dissatisfied with their current role that they were willing to leave, even during the unstable times of a continuing pandemic. However, many of those people who chose to leave their jobs either made a lateral move within their current organization or started working for a new employer within the same type of role. The result?

Shot of an attractive young businesswoman giving a presentation in the boardroom.

Whatever problems were plaguing these employees in their former role seemed to follow them into their new position coupled with the added stress of starting a new job. Moreover, all of this movement within the workforce created more havoc and stress on an already-strained system.

I think we can all agree that we can do with a little less stress these days as we are in the third year of an ongoing pandemic.

The question I’d like to address, then, is what is purpose? And why is it so elusive?

Can it be found within your work or is it tied to a career that provides you with the perfect salary, benefits, and work/life satisfaction?

Formally defined as “the reason for which something exists”, purpose gives us meaning to our life. It provides us with a reason to wake up each morning.

It seems as if many of us have a deep knowing, or even a yearning, to confirm that our life has some sort of meaning attached to it.

And if one’s current career feels so overwhelming and high pressure that it’s almost intolerable, and it seems to leave a little, if any, mark on the work for helping to make some type of positive contribution to humanity, it can lead one to question, “What is the point of it all, really?”

Here’s what I’ve found in my own life as well as while working with my clients as we dive deep into this topic.

Purpose is not synonymous with career.

What you do for a living and how you pay the bills does not necessarily fulfill (or not fulfill) a deeper meaning to your life.

Yes there are definitely some careers that can feel more meaningful or provide a measurable contribution to society, however, that does not detract from the true meaning of purpose.

Finding your purpose and living a purpose driven life starts with you.

It’s getting really clear on who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

It’s about waking up in the morning excited to tackle the day, regardless of whether you’re facing a seemingly positive and easy day or a difficult and challenging day.

It’s about identifying and removing any mental blocks that are standing between you and your ability to feel calm and peaceful in the present moment.

It’s about getting clear on how you would like to show up at work and at home, and continuing to do your best to be your best self every day.

Purpose is about you being you.

It’s about you feeling okay in your own skin regardless of what’s happening in the world around you.

And from that space of feeling calm and peaceful in this moment today, determining what other cool stuff you’d like to create in the world.

Have you been thinking about a passion project, a side hustle, or volunteering your time with an organization that supports your values? Then it’s important to follow those nudges and see where they take you.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in your current role so that you can continue to pay the bills and care for those who depend on you, while contributing your time outside of work to satisfy the deeper desire to give back in some other way.

Purpose can also be showing up and giving yourself 100% to your family, friends or any others who depend on you.

In summary, purpose is not about finding the perfect job so that you can feel content in knowing that you’ve fulfilled a deeper meaning for your life.

Rather purpose is about finding contentment now within your current circumstances and from that space choosing how you would like to spend your time.

Living a purpose-driven life and finding contentment today is something I’m very passionate about helping others with. It’s how I choose to provide meaning to others in my own way.

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Tracey Gazel, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tracey Gazel is a Neuroscience-Mindfulness Executive Coach, #1 Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Meditation Teacher. She specializes in helping others live with less stress and more calm by de-mystifying the brain and its complex processes so that feeling calm and grounded every day becomes your new normal. She is the founder of Rising Higher Consulting Inc., a coaching agency that helps high achievers who are wanting to accomplish the same amount of work with less stress, enhance their decision making with clarity of mind, feel calmer on a regular basis, and simply enjoy their life more.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can work with Tracey, you can contact her by email at


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