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How Spirit Taught Me To Have Integrity And Honour

Written by: Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is the state of being UNIFIED and UNDIVIDED. Honour is to fulfil an obligation, keep an agreement and be respectful.

After having made my decision to pursue my life within spiritual service by helping humanity, pachamama and the universe. My first lesson was to understand how within my line of work integrity and honour are fundamental qualities of being a Shamanic Practitioner. If I were to work specifically with Pachamama I needed to live, breath, smell, taste and be integrable and honourable.

My Story:

Two months ago, I started going to my local woods where I created a bond with the spirit of the land. Each visit I asked permission to enter and work for personal healing and in exchange, I would work with the land to heal. In legal terms, we had created a contract.

Over time the land and I worked on our relationship and expanded our “terms”, the land was now asking for me to offer seeds of gratitude. Each time I received healing I agreed to bring seeds each visit. Each time I forgot, yet the land continued to work with me.

One day I found myself needing to work with the plant Holly. In the woods, I went to ask for permission to use her, this time I remembered to bring seeds to give as an exchange for picking Holly’s leaves. Holly gave me permission and it was a beautiful exchange, we loved it.

It was nearing the time to use the Holly leaves I had already picked, however, I felt I needed more, so I rushed to the woods, and asked Holly again for more leaves. She said “No” because I had no seeds to offer. After a lot of persuading I said I would bring the seeds in two days, she agreed and I took the leaves.

The following day came and I was using Holly to hold a specific intention. As the day went on a beautiful Newfoundland named Flower, bit the two Holly leaves off, I did not understand why. I presumed at the time it was because I hadn’t offered the seeds yet in exchange for the leaves. However, I assured Flower that I was going to carry out my agreement with Holly, the very next day.

Flower may have realised something that I did not. The next day I did not go to offer the seeds to Holly, nor did I go the day after that…

4 days later… I went to the woods.

It wasn’t until I pulled up in the car park that I was told by my guides not to enter as I had no seeds nor permission. I felt very overwhelmed with emotions. I felt guilt, shame, disrespectful, I knew I had not kept my word. I decided not to even get out of the car, I drove out of the car park, immediately.

It was then when I pulled out of the car park I remembered the specific intentions I used on the two Holly leaves that were bitten off by Flower, 4 days ago, they held the intention of INTEGRITY and HONOUR.

“How can you be integrable and honourable if you do not respect the land”, I heard, “if you are to choose this path, honour your words, it is a sign of respect.”

A dark gloom of guilt fell within my aura. The message I heard so clearly from the land hit me like a tonne of bricks, I do not know what stopped me from crashing the car when I heard these words from spirit. It hit me right where it hurt, in my heart. It has never been my intention to offend spirit, but I learnt the hard way, how my actions spoke louder than words.

How I used Shamanics to heal myself

Most would find it difficult to be so vulnerable and show the worst sides of their personality, but being a Shamanic Practitioner teaches us to address these sides, rather than shy away from this behaviour.

Grasp the bull by the horns and become self-aware, call yourself out for the bad shit you have done. Don’t be shameful for it, know that situations like this are here to teach.

I would be lying if I told you I just went on my way and started to work on myself. Truth is Pachamama straight up called me out on my bullshit. This triggered me for a good few days into feeling guilty, shameful and selfish.

After having dealt with the emotions of guilt and disrespect, I asked myself, how can I heal, grow and learn from this? How can I honour and build bridges with the land and pachamama? How can I forgive and be forgiven? And how can I change?

These questions are stepping stones for me to take accountability for my actions and commence the shamanic healing needed on myself to heal my spirit.

During 3 shamanic sessions with myself, I managed to:

1. Learn the following lessons:

a. respect Spirit,

b. honour the land,

c. do not take advantage,

d. not to take more than you can give,

e. stay true to your words,

f. fulfil what is being asked of me,

g. create terms that are reasonable for both parties to fulfil,

h. actions speak louder than words.

i. take accountability for my actions

2. Heal my spirit self, using the following techniques:

a. Chakra Cleansing and Psychic Surgery;

I addressed the emotions of guilt and shame stored energetically in my sacral chakra, that showed itself as a black knot preventing energy to flow in harmony with my body, heart and mind. My guides informed me of how my soul has experienced these feelings before in a past life of mine, and that needed addressing first, before they could unwind the knot allowing energy to flow freely.

b. Soul Retrieval;

I was to return the fragmented piece of my soul, after I jumped out of my skin when I heard the words, “you do not respect the land.”

2 Months later:

I am happy to report two months later, I have a BIG bag of seeds in my car ready to give offerings of gratitude.

Most importantly I have experienced taking responsibility for the promises and terms I agree to. Honouring these terms has allowed me to gain a deeper trust with the spirit of the land, its animals and plants. They offer me guidance with their own wisdom and knowledge that helps me navigate my life to live through my heart with integrity and honour.

But above all, I am nurturing and creating a relationship built on trust, something I haven’t done before. It's rewarding to know when you put work into something, great beauty blossoms and opportunities arise.

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Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Giannina has been able to communicate with spirit since childhood, after many years of suffering from a family curse, her perpetrators let their guard down and Giannina managed to break free and embody her spiritual gift. Giannina heard her calling to become a Shaman and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner. She has since quickly gained recognition for her transformational healings across the country, working alongside her parents, who are also Shamans.

During Giannina’s Shamanic ceremony, she was given the blessing of Mother Energy and draws upon Mother, to transform trauma and pain into forgiveness and love. She works closely to bring deep healing to individuals, buildings and land. – It is no surprise Giannina’s given shamanic name is Mother, as hidden within her name is GAIA.

Giannina’s passion is to help others and what better way than through her natural gift of spiritual healing? Understanding her role in this life is to leave Humanity better than how she found it; Giannina is the Founder of Humans of Humanity, where she offers Shamanic healing for all who seek it, she is also the CEO of Gentle Grow, where she sells conscious products.



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