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How A Property Buyers Agent Is The Key To An Early Retirement

Written by: Jacob and Simon Camilleri, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Jacob and Simon Camilleri

Real estate is likely to be the single largest expense that any of us will have to face in our entire lifetime. Particularly in Australia in 2024.

Real estate agent explains house plan.

No matter how much study and preparation we carry out before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, the minefield of real estate investment is vast and expansive, and one mistake can cost your financial freedom goal years of setbacks.

Emotions are at play, big decisions need to be made, and most people just need some genuine property investment help along the way. Help to know how to tackle the obstacles ahead and successfully accumulate a turbo-charged money-generating property portfolio.

The dangers and hidden agendas are littered throughout Australia's property market. Yet, beneath such negatives lies a great opportunity. An opportunity to massively outperform the returns of the average investor through the right choices.

The right choices will lead to creating a high-performing property portfolio much quicker than the rest of the crowd. The journey will be smoother and with far less stress!

With the result being a much better lifestyle to enjoy.

However, one mistake can cost years of investing time and opportunity. And mistakes in property usually aren't known until it's too late. People can step over the mines in the industry, with the right experience or connections.

What is a buyers agent?

Buying an investment property should be exciting, and to enjoy the process you will need confidence, and you will need a great team. The right buyer's agent is the solution to Australia's difficult property investing landscape, to capitalize on opportunity and make the right choices.

Unlike a sales agent or vendors advocate, a buyers agent is an experienced property buyer who brings many advantages to the home buying table, including:

  • Understanding the most effective asset type for your financial situation

  • Access to a high-performing, professional team (mortgage brokers, property managers, accountants, etc)

  • Conducting extensive due diligence

  • Optimizing property cycles to decide on suburb and city locations for maximum growth potential (Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth show the right signs for 2024)

  • Access to off-market properties and pre-market properties through established professional networks

  • Property negotiation experience

  • Guidance and advice throughout the process, removing stress and the unknowns

For access to these benefits, build your team, or find genuine property investing guidance go to

How much does a buyers agent cost?

The Australian property industry is severely under-regulated, and this allows for inexperienced and unscrupulous buying advocates to fly under-the-radar and buy real estate investments for clients, without the proper foundational knowledge. A buyer's agent should have the client's best interests at heart, without financial incentives from developers or builders to push a certain property onto any unknowing buyer.

These incentives allow for buyers agents to charge very small fees to the client, as they tend to get a much higher commission from pushing the product. This leaves the property buyer with an underperforming asset that has been overpaid for, the poor results are not truly realised until years later.

A buyers agent fee and any hidden commissions should be transparent to the buyer, so they know about any bias in the property selection. Typical full-service buyers agent fees in Australia 2024 are approximately $9,000-$20,000, although it's much more important to find out where any other commissions come from.

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Jacob and Simon Camilleri Brainz Magazine

Jacob and Simon Camilleri, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jacob and Simon Camilleri, transforming the Australian property investing landscape, chartering the terrain of Australia's underregulated property market. Determined guides for aspiring investors and home owners, and bringing their expertise to property investment, their mission is clear: improve the quality of life through real estate while shielding property buyers from scams and spruikers. Their life's work revolves around empowering others to unlock the full potential of a successful property portfolio, and this is made possible through their co-founded buyer’s agency JSC Property Investments. Their motto is simple: People before profits.



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