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Do You Even Know Your Biz Numbers? These are the Top 3 Numbers You Should be Tracking

Written by: Arna Van Goch, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

This is the article every business coach should be writing. Because if you don’t, are you even a business coach? It sounds like a harsh question, but the more time I spend in the online world of business, the more I realize that no, no one really knows their numbers.

Sure, they can tell you whether or not they achieved their $10k month or if they bagged a new client, but that’s pretty much where the fun stops. And the thing is… numbers can be fun. As long as you know how to put them together properly. This is why I love being in automations. Because you don’t have to spend hours every month determining what your numbers are. Once set up, it can be quite easy to figure it out.


All it takes? Total discipline. Hah, did you cringe too? I still do sometimes. I’m not going to take you through my whole process in the space of a 5-minute read, that would be near impossible. But what I can do is give you the top 3 numbers you should be tracking.

  • Your leads

  • Your sales calls

  • Your sales made

They all lead into each other, which is why it’s so crucial to know all these figures. Especially in the service-based business, what is a lead? Is someone I do a 5-minute favor for a lead? And what is a sales call? The only thing that seems tangible is a sale made, because that’s when the money hits your bank account. So let’s work backwards, to make it easier to digest.

Sales Made

Ok, this one is super easy. As I noted above, sales made is literally money in the bank. As I tell all my service-based clients, until they’ve paid it’s not in the bag yet. I’ve had a few people in my own business where they have said yes on the phone and a day later they’v