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Benefits of a Good Corporate Wellness Program

Written by: Roderick Mason, Executive Contributor

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What is a Corporate Wellness Program?

A corporate wellness program is designed to ensure employees' health through activities, screenings, etc., for health-related outcomes. In the modern era, every other person looks for an organization that cares about its employees’ goals and health. A corporate wellness program offers many benefits to the employees, which in turn profits the organization.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs are becoming famous each day, and many companies are incorporating these programs in workplaces. The programs offer a fun, interacting, and engaging platform where health needs are satisfied.

Here are some benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Boost Productivity

Three productive days are much better than a week of hard work. Smart working brings more benefits to companies, and it can only be achieved by working on the employees' productivity.

Poor health is the reason why employees fail to deliver their best at work. A wellness program motivates people and encourages them to feel fit and healthy again. It helps in increasing focus and motivation.

Reduce Healthcare Cost

If your employees regularly exercise, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and whatnot, then the healthcare cost will eventually reduce. It is highly beneficial for companies that provide medical to their employees. Not only it reduces the burden on them, but it also reduces the illness burden on the employees.

Improves Employee Engagement

The activities in the wellness program are a great way to increase employee engagement. When all the employees are in one place, they chat and connect. It helps in building teams and improving their performance as well.

Mitigates Absenteeism

Once employees feel engaged and positive in the workplace, absenteeism will dramatically reduce. The wellness programs improve the morale of the employees and motivate them to work harder each day.

Increases Retention

Employee retention has significant importance; it increases as the morale and motivation of the employees increases. If your employees feel satisfied and taken care of at the workplace, then they are more likely to stay at the firm for an extended period.

When the employer shows concern towards their employees, then the employees value the firm as well. Employees are an asset, and for them to work efficiently, employers need to put in the extra effort.

What Should Come in the Wellness Program?

A wellness program is designed as per the budget and the needs of the employees. Here are some activities that offer maximum health benefits to employees.

  • Team Building Activities: A book club, a game, or volunteering can help employees to increase engagement.

  • Fitness Activities: Spending so many hours at work ceases employees to take part in physical activities. Building a gym or fitness classes at the workplace can be of help.

  • Mental Health Activities: Try to make the employees leave the office on time or arrange meditation/yoga classes for them to relieve stress. Massages on a monthly or weekly basis can help your employees to focus on themselves.

  • Social Activities: Employees may not have time to connect outside of the office, but you can bring social activities to the office. Plan a game night or something to let the employees talk to their fellow team members. Laughing with their fellow mates can blow the steam and make them forget about their work stress.

  • Wellness Room: Providing a space for all employees in the workplace for personal health needs can be of great help. You can design a room where men and women can look after their needs in the office.

These are general health benefits that you can offer to your employees to bring benefits to them. You can design a wellness program considering the needs and goals of your business. If your work already involves a lot of physical activity, then you can work on other aspects. It is best to have a clear set of goals and then design a wellness program.


A wellness program creates a positive mental image of the employer in their minds. Not all employers care for their employees’ health, so if you are one, then it can make a huge difference. Introducing a wellness program in the workplace will increase the motivation of employees and productivity. An employee will deliver much more than expected if he is treated well at the office. Make an effort to ensure your employees’ health if you desire longer retention and less absenteeism.

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Roderick Mason, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Roderick M. Mason is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker Trainer Coach and the founder of Holistic Coaching Solutions. A platform focused on delivering high-end corporate training services. He is a Certified Bucket List Coach, a Certified CBMC Leadership Coach, a Certified Primal Health Coach, and a Licensed Diversity & Inclusion Trainer. He is an avid seeker of knowledge who highly appreciates the notion of continuous improvement and growth.



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