3 reasons To Use Instagram For Marketing In 2020

Written by: Amber Dietz, Executive Contributor

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Imagine a huge place where you had a million of your ideal customers at, with thousands of balloons in your branding colors, and it was one big dance party where they were throwing their wallets at you. Did I mention this came at ZERO cost to you? Welcome to the world of social media marketing, specifically Instagram, where you can have a ton of fun with your ideal customers (aka followers) and do it without spending a dime on ads.

Instagram is no longer simply a spot to share a few photos with your friends and family, but a fun and unique experience to your followers that allows you to connect and build the know, like and trust factor that makes them want to buy without you having to feel sales-y.

Mark Zuckerberg has created a platform that allows consumers to share, learn, shop, and dance all in one spot and the solo-preneur, blogger, & side hustling mom to grow from nothing to an online-only income. Plus, the app spares no time when competing with others, such as their recent addition of the Reels feature, which is direct competition with TikTok and gaining a ton of traffic.

If you can do one Reel on the app recently, the algorithm will favor you and share it with thousands of users in your niche! Talk about more free traffic from just a 15-second video (again also free)! It has become a fun and personalized way to know your consumer, create relatability, and effortlessly sell your services.

If you are not convinced yet, let’s take a look at 3 more reasons Why Instagram needs to be on your radar now more than ever.

1. Free Marketing to a Billion People - Did you know that 1 billion people are using Instagram every month?! Talk about being able to market effortlessly. With so many users on the site now more than ever, take advantage of this free app to showcase your personal brand, products and more. This also includes 500 million users using the Story feature every single day. So whether you have just a blog and are starting out to a large physical product, you can showcase it with music, stickers, & polls to engage your audience and make it a no brainer to hit the ‘buy now’ option. Remember that big dance party we talked about? Think of this as sponsored by Instagram and tailored just the way you want with your brand personal touches. All you must do is show up and show up consistently.

2. Know exactly what to post for growth - Not only is Instagram a fun spot to be, but as an entrepreneur, blogger, and/or business, Instagram will give you insights (for free, of course) of how well your content is, or is not, doing on their app to your audience. If you have a Business or Creator account (which I highly suggest) you will get access to the Insights feature. This will give you an incredibly detailed explanation of how your audience (your followers) engage with your content. You will be able to see everything from the percentage of new followers, what time your followers are online so you know when to post, what posts worked well so you can recreate it, and the reach of your content. The insights are so detailed that this would typically be something you would have to pay for on another app. Instagram gives it to you for free just by using their app and sharing your stuff. Start posting and often posting if you are not already and get the free insights that tell exactly how to grow.

3. Finding ideal clients has never been easier – As an online entrepreneur, or a brick and mortar turning to online, it can seem daunting to think about how you will find people to buy your products, services and 1:1 coaching, but yet another step Instagram has made easy for you. Did you know 200 million users visit at least one business site per day?! This can all be done without spending a penny on ads or other ways to showcase your business. With Instagram, you can find and showcase your business and users finding you in simple ways. Hashtags will allow your ideal consumers to find you, and you can locate them. One hashtag, such as #momsinbusiness, can have you locating millions of people to bring to your profile. Additionally, suppose you are using the newest feature from Instagram called Reels. In that case, Instagram will automatically share this with millions of users that like the same type of content and have your page seen to millions of users.

For certain, Instagram is a powerhouse for marketing for the smallest to largest of businesses, and it only plans to expand its reach and user experience. You can grow your followers, business, and bank account all in one app. So, if you aren’t using it yet, or consistently, you are impacting less lives and leaving money on the table.

So, go hop on Instagram now and share your mission and messaging with a few Madonna songs playing in the background for your virtual dance party and then sit back and relax while Instagram does the rest of the marketing work for you.

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Amber Dietz, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Amber is a business & marketing strategist that helps the soul-preneur build a business, a brand, and their Instagram to become their own digital CEO. She has built a trusted business with authenticity sharing her insights, growth, and scalable business tactics with her followers and teaches her clients to do the same. Living beautifully untamed and building a business doing it is the name of the game for Amber. From a single mom to what seemed only to be a dream, to now helping others around the world take their passion from their soul and build a scalable business doing it, is what lights her up. She is an iced coffee enthusiast, she sees the world in bright colors, and will build you a road map of success so that your soul is set on fire.



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