3 Keys to Learning on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Ever wish you had an unlimited wardrobe? Feeling confused and restricted by sustainable fashion? Got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? Garmie may have just found the solution to your problems.

Evie Miller, Founder of Garmie

I’m Evie. The founder of Garmie – Hi! Last year I was a uni student with the perpetual problem of always having events to attend. Having nothing to wear. Spending my earnings on buying a new outfit to wear once and then hoarding it in my overflowing wardrobe of items I was ‘over’. Not good, I know.

I couldn’t afford to keep up with this, and nor could the planet. Do you ever feel like, if you don’t have something you feel good about wearing, you don’t want to go out? I do. But if the only solution was to re-wear my same clothes all the time, then I was disheartened. There’s no shame in wanting to switch up your style!

Imagine if I combined my wardrobe with my friends and their friends and theirs; if I could pay them a small amount to borrow their items, and they could do the same for mine. We’d have a huge wardrobe! That had cash flowing through it! And most of all, we could wear whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and know that it was the most sustainable item out there because it already exists. No more confusion, shame and restriction. We could be free. And so Garmie was born.

Garmie is an exciting new app launching later this year where you can rent your clothes, shoes and accessories to other people to make continuous money, and you can rent from other people’s wardrobes for a fraction of the retail price. Win for your wardrobe. Win for your wallet. Win for the planet.

Did you know that there’s £30bn worth of unworn clothes hanging in our UK wardrobes? The textile industry accounts for 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions every year. 1/6 young people won’t re-wear an outfit they’ve posted it on social media. That’s a lot of waste. You can see how circulating the items we already have in our wardrobes makes sense in the big picture, but you’re wondering what’s in it for you?

Here's a handy list of reasons why lending your wardrobe is actually everything you ever needed:

Yes, selling your items second hand might make you a few quid. But isn’t it frustrating when you only earn a fraction of what you paid, and have to bid farewell to something you once treasured? What if you want to come back to it when the trend inevitably comes back around? Who doesn't love finding an old gem hidden in the wardrobe?!

Lending, on the other hand, allows you to make that money multiple times over, continuously monetize those items in your wardrobe you never wear (which makes up at least 50% of your wardrobe!) and still have the chance to come back to them in the future, give them to your future kids or turn them into tablecloths. Totally up to you, because they’re still yours!

Remember that planet we live in? Well, it's hurting. And you can fix it! Just by letting someone borrow your dress, or your suit, or your shoes, jacket, earrings and bow tie. Easy. If you lend one item to 10 other people, you'll reduce its carbon footprint by 400%! Now that's a bargain.

"We want everyone to be able to access everything they’ve ever wanted to wear and be who they want to be."

With Garmie, making easy cash and saving the planet literally takes as much effort as your morning coffee. Think of Garmie as your own unlimited vending machine of fashion, cash and planet saving fairy dust.

3 Keys to Learn on your Entrepreneurial Journey:

  1. Learn on the go - I love listening to podcasts when I’m walking, in the car, at the gym, on the tube… It feels like down time, but you’re still feeding your brain with things you didn’t even know you were looking for! My favourites at the moment are Dan Murray’sSecret Leaders, Guy Raz’sHow I Built This’and Elizabeth Day’s‘How to Fail’.

  2. No meeting is a waste of time - I’ve realised that meeting up face-to-face is always more worthwhile than anything else. I ask anyone and everyone for a coffee and some advice, even if they’re not directly related to what I want to do. They’ll always have something valuable to tell you, someone to introduce you to, or at the very least, you’ve spread a little awareness about your product.

  3. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable - Starting a company is just one huge ‘no idea what I’m doing’ mood. Every single day you’re forced to learn something new, meet someone new, sell your idea or product; spend your time, energy and money on your passion, the outcome of which you have absolutely no certainty about. You’ll constantly play tennis between self-doubt and self-empowerment. But as they say, ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Our vision is for Garmie to make fashion dreams come true. We want everyone to be able to access everything they’ve ever wanted to wear and be who they want to be. We want fashion to be 100% sustainable without having to ditch the brands and items we love. We are creative, forward-thinking fashion sharers. A passionate community, who care about the planet as much as we do our style - and be assured that one need not compromise the other. Garmie is fashion freedom.

So, join us in this rental revolution! The world is your wardrobe.

If you have any questions about Garmie, chat to us! Sign up for early access to the app and follow us to stay in the loop. We can’t wait to share with you!



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