Transforming Business Through High Converting Websites

Written by: Guest Writer, Saleha Shaikh

"Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson.

Whenever we hear the word website, most of us think it is basically a collection of pages with content that describes or speaks for the business. We have to ponder that a website can become our own business. Yes! These are more than pages with content. There is so much that websites can do. They are and literally can be your REVENUE generating machines! It's true!

According to research, 96% of first impressions are solely on the design, it’s a go-to factor for moving forward.

Out of hundreds of possibilities of converting leads to clients and generating money through websites, I have here my top 5 evergreen ways:

1.Creative and Unique Website design

The first impression is one of the most important ones. It’s a ride or die for any website. In the first very few seconds, the user judges your business. It's very important that in those seconds you give them a positive impact with solid navigation as a brand. The moment you intrigue the user, kudos to you! It won't be difficult to lock them as clients.

2.Email Subscription

You have nailed the design! Impressed the user to know more and get them hooked. What comes next is sealing the relationship with a bond that is an email subscription. Whenever the user hits the subscribe button, it’s a long-term connection you are making. It's no brainer why you see every business adopting this and they have some great consistent emails tempting people to buy their services.

3.Monetizing Your Website

Through the placement of ads, you are renting your website space also known as pay-per-click advertising. You earn a fee whenever someone clicks on the ad. Like Youtube, it takes full advantage of this and YouTubers' primary source of money through their videos by uploading on the platform.

4. Building Authenticity and Trust Before You Sell As a Brand

Your website is the open the door to your business. It's important that you present yourself authentically. Stand true to what you offer as a service or product. What you contribute through your business is more important than what you have accomplished. Always keep that in mind while presenting your website. This keeps a long-lasting impression on the user and definitely will arouse the need to connect.

5.Higher Ranking and Increased Visibility

Your website should be the answer to all your prospective clients' keywords. Higher ranking with a powerful SEO of the website goes a long way in generating so many leads. Expect them to flow in with this.

In summary, “A website to generate good revenue needs an impressionable design with a solid navigation to your service or product along with gaining the trust of the user with creating a bond to make them remember you from time to time and on their search leading to your website.”

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a website and which is tailored to be high converting. What it can do for your business is wonders, and there’s no limit to it!

“If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business!” — Bill Gates

Similarly, your business is not complete until and unless you have your website and it won't grow until your website converts!


If you already have a website, there are many online tools available for free audit, give it a go! Analytics tell you a lot about the performance, ranking, errors, and lags of your website.

Having said that, remember this is a continuous process - update, evaluate and adapt for success and growth in your business through websites!

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Saleha Shaikh, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine

Saleha is an award-winning web designer, brand strategist and a web development business coach. She is here to make sure all the women of worth upscale their business and show their visibility in the online world through crafting their websites that are not only creative plus are unique as well and most importantly which generate high revenue, That’s her ultimate Goal!

Also a Computer science Engineering graduate and a mom of two wonderful kids who enjoys each day with pursuing her passion for web design and women empowerment. Honoured to receive boutique winner award for her creative website designs from, and featured in several web design inspiration galleries and blog articles.



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