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Tracey Lee Cook

How To Set Up A Speaker One Sheet To Get Booked On Podcasts & Virtual Stages

Safia Haque

How To Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges Easily And Without Trying To Convince Or Change The Other Parent’s Viewpoint

Pia Antico

Release, Recharge and Receive: Freedom & Fun After 40

More Personal Development

Amanda Rose

The Infinite Power of You Masterclasses All-Access Membership


The Infinite Power of You ALL-ACCESS Masterclasses Membership was designed for entrepreneurs to get holistic training. Created to help you & implement learn all things Mindset, Manifesting, Money, and Business and Unlock your full potentiality 🌙

YOU Get Access to Master Coach Amanda Rose's FULL Library of Masterclasses + New Masterclasses will be added as they Launch!!!!! 🤯 #KnowledgeOnDemand

With this Membership You Get:
✨Access to All Current Masterclasses
✨New Masterclasses added in as they Launch
✨Workbooks to accelerate your learning
✨An exclusive FB Community just for members

Over $1800 In Trainings and Over 15 Hours of Training to Start - with more classes added regularly!!!!


✨Manifesting Mastery
✨Mindset Mastery
✨Manifesting for Entrepreneurs
✨The Art of Alignment
✨How to REALLY Make $10K+ Months
✨The Abundant Mind
✨Quantum Cash
✨Come Together
✨Collaboration Mastery
✨Sales Mastery
✨Marketing Mastery
✨Visualization Mastery
✨Mercury Retrograde Workshop
✨The Morning Routine For Manifesting Your Dream Life

COMING SOON: How to Build a Six Figure Cash generating Business

💫Feed Your Mind. Feed Your Soul.💫

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