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Secrets To Effective Public Speaking

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Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner Program

This program is for managers, executives, leaders, coaches, consultants, job seekers, and parents who want better alignment with themselves and a positive impact at work and in their life. By applying the Personal Agility System (PAS), you will be able to work through your workload more efficiently, spend more quality time with your family and on valuable outcomes, and spend less time on busy work and things that don’t matter.

The Coaching Program includes:

Combined hours of Individual training followed by coaching sessions for 8 weeks where you will:

Know where you are and where you are heading
Became aware of your accomplishments and build on them

Build on your personal brand to introduce yourself and communicate with confidence at the next meeting or job interview

Make conscious decisions about who you want to be and your long-term goals

Get recognized by the Personal Agility Institute as Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP)

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