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Maya Zack

Give Limiting Beliefs The Boot

Maya Zack

Rise & Shine – The Ultimate Mindset Program For Business Success

Tracey Lee Cook

How To Launch Your Own Podcast For Passion, Purpose & Profit

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Zoryna O'Donnell

Leading Change With The Brain In Mind™ Programme


The success of your change management initiatives (and the future of your business) hinges on the quality of your people skills.
Our 5-Module programme Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ is designed to equip leaders and managers with neuroscience-backed knowledge and skills essential for the effective management of the people side of organisational change programmes and initiatives, leading to increased staff engagement, innovation and productivity; reduced resistance to change and turnover of valued employees; and enhanced business agility and competitive advantage.

This programme has been accredited by The Institute of Leadership & Management, one of the most prestigious leadership authorities worldwide. Completion of the Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ programme will allow you to join The Institute of Leadership & Management at a Member grade with post-nominal letters MInstLM.

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