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Master Your Life Mastering Your Ego: An Exclusive Interview with Maria-Katharina Richters

Maria-Katharina Richters is a Certified & ICF ACC Accredited Artists Transformational Coach, Art Therapist, Artist and a soon-to-be Mindvalley certified Business Coach. Despite her naturally creative spirit, Maria lost the connection to her art as a teen, burying her anxieties and insecurities with years of addictions and difficulty knowing herself. After years of this cycle in 2009, she required the tools that would help her remember her power and win a renewed and deepened spiritual connection within herself changing her life around and in 2017 founding Art of you Coaching & Art Therapy, the Awakened Artist Academy, the Born to Create Podcast and in 2023 launching her Signature Program ‘Master Your Ego - Master Your Life’ helping professional artists amplify their artist power, acquire true w(h)ealth & elevate business success to the next level.

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3 Ways To Hack The Psychology Of Money Using A Financial Coach’s Tools

Have you ever remained in a job you dislike for the paycheck, spent more than you had planned, or just felt stress regarding money?

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What We Can Learn From COVID-19?

The last few years have been quite unique, with many people scared and not really sure what they should do for the best for their families.

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Level Up Your Social Media In 5 Simple Steps

You know social media. You post content, your audience responds to it, and you experience slow but steady growth in followers.

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10 Creepy Historical Mysteries About Occult Witchcraft Magic

Witchcraft has a long, complex, and varied history that spans many centuries and cultures.

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From Connections To Success – The Power Of Networking In Business

From the start of my entrepreneurial journey, I knew one thing about business that I use even today.

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6 Ways To Motivate Unmotivated Employees

Managing and motivating employees is one of the biggest pain points for small business owners who don’t have a human resources department.

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8 Life-Changing Lessons From Your Dog For A Happier Life

First, I would like to say that I was never a huge fan of dogs as a child. My family always kept dogs outside the house, but I must admit...

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Battling Burnout – Why Black Women Experience Burnout And Strategies For Breaking Free

I've seen Black women suffer from burnout at alarming rates. But why? What causes this phenomenon and how can it be prevented?

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3 Powerful Ways To Restore Your Energy Today

Written by: Elissa Kennedy, Executive Contributor Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute...

Quote of the week

"Forgiveness is about choosing to release yourself from the handcuffs of the past.”

Ultimate Guide To Mastering Road Rage

Road rage is aggressive or hostile behaviour exhibited by drivers in response to perceived slights, frustrations, or annoyances on the road.

Thinking About A Mindset Coach? 10 Reasons To Say Yes

Having a mindset coach by your side can truly transform the way you approach challenges and opportunities in life.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Redesign Your Website

Have you looked at your website recently and thought it might be missing something? Or does it look a little dated? At my digital agency...

How To Enhance Focus And Productivity With Personal Strategies For ADHD Professionals

As a fellow ADHD professional, I'm intimately familiar with the constant battle against distractions and the ongoing effort to maintain...

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With Maria- Katharina Richters, transformational coach and Mindvalley certified business coach

Maria- Katharina Richters is a Certified & ICF ACC Accredited Artists Transformational Coach, Art Therapist, Artist, and a soon-to-be Mindvalley Certified Business Coach.

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