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3 Powerful Ways To Restore Your Energy Today

Written by: Elissa Kennedy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The tools in this article are helpful for empaths or anyone that feels burned out. An empath is a person who is highly attuned to the energy and emotions of other people. As an empath, it's important to always protect your energy. You might notice that you feel drained after being around other people. If you don’t have systems in place to restore your energy you can get caught in a burnout cycle. The burnout cycle can take a toll on your productivity when you are on the low end of the cycle.

When you feel good you may be more productive and work more than usual. During that time you might forget about self-care, boundaries and give too much of your energy to your work or other people. You may feel driven to get more done by working longer hours but you might also forget to enjoy the process. The high point can fuel the low point when you become depleted and overworked.

When you become depleted you’ll find it challenging to do anything. You may become resentful of your work. You might shut down and need longer breaks or your body may force you to rest when you get a migraine or illness, so you have no choice but to reset and rest

Break the Burn-out Cycle with These Simple Changes

Rather than getting trapped in the cycles of either high or low energy, aim for a more sustainable energy each day. You will still have days when you have more energy or need extra breaks, but these practices will help you even out your energy for an overall sense of well-being and balance.

1. Start your day with a powerful practice. Empaths need to prioritize self-care, to balance and release absorbed energy. Start your day with meditation, a nourishing breakfast, a protection bubble exercise, and a mental fitness intention for the day. This will ensure that you are recharged and grounded in your own energy. You should feel a sense of calm and strength.

2. Create a dedicated clutter-free workspace. Empaths often need to be surrounded by beauty. Clear clutter and create a beautiful space. Bring in some fresh flowers, crystals, and a warm cup of tea. When you clear clutter in your environment, it also clears your energy and mind of clutter. Be very intentional while you are creating space and clearing your mental clutter. When you reset the space, bring in things that will nourish all of your senses. Consider colors you love, calming images, soothing natural scents, soft sounds, and clear air. Avoid perfume and scented candles, as the chemicals in those products can cloud your energy and cause headaches. Choose natural essential oils or a bundle of fresh herbs and flowers. Use a natural mist of rose water to refresh your skin and take some time to enjoy your new surroundings.

3. Reset your energy throughout the day. Use mental fitness power breaks to reset your energy throughout the day. Take a moment to go outside, close your eyes, ground yourself and get into your body. Mental fitness is essential for empaths to build resilience and to develop tools for good boundaries and self care. Using mental fitness to reprogram your mindset has a ripple effect and will improve your whole life.

A Mental Fitness Training Creates Positive Changes in Your Life

My client saw big changes in her life when she joined my mental fitness training. Annie was able to feel better about her circumstances without having to change anything in her life, except her mindset. When she shifted her mindset she saw that everything in her life also shifted. By changing her internal patterns and how she approaches challenges, she was able to navigate those situations with a new outlook. We worked together in a group program for intensive mindset training, as well as in private sessions to laser focus on what she needed most in her life.

When she started the program, she felt overwhelmed with grief and frustration. A personal loss, the pandemic, parenting teens, and going back to school for a career change were taking a toll on her wellbeing.

Once she was able to recognize and shift old patterns and develop new patterns, she found time to practice more self-care, create better boundaries, and make positive changes in her relationships.

When I asked Annie what changed for her she said, "I no longer wake up angry or full of grief. Now feeling frustrated is not the norm and when it does come over me, I notice it and have the tools to make it dissipate. I am also no longer consumed with grief. Even when I think of my loss, I feel more love than sadness."

Annie shifted so much in only 8 weeks! Mindset work is powerful! I am honored to have been a part of this huge shift in her life.

If you are looking for a new way to restore your energy and shift old patterns, join me for a free call to get your Custom Visionary Activation with an action plan for your next chapter. Book a Free Vision Call

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Elissa Kennedy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Elissa is a certified holistic life coach who helps women awaken their visionary mindset. By activating your visionary mindset you are able to connect to your true self and to your life’s purpose.

‘Vision Activation’, her 4-month step-by-step proprietary program, begins with a visionary mindset training, empowering you to navigate challenges with a more positive outlook and opening you up to new possibilities and a sense of inner calm.

Her coaching style is compassionate, playful and curious, includes guided visualizations and a sprinkle of magic. She uses holistic and intuitive approaches to change old patterns, creating new pathways for yourself as you begin a new chapter of life.

Elissa believes women thrive by connecting to their intuition, establishing a support system, and belonging to a community. By facilitating programs, workshops, and retreats, she creates a safe space for women to gather, learn and grow.



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