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Exclusive Interview - From Dentist To Mentor: The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Dr. Bak Nguyen

Dr. Bak Nguyen is a Canadian dentist who wears many hats. He is the CEO of Mdex & Co, which is known for disrupting industries. He is also an author and a speaker who has broken several world records, including writing 120 books in 60 months. In addition, Dr. Bak is the founder and host of the Alphas. His work and dedication have been recognized by many. He was named one of the world's Top 100 doctors in 2021 and he has won several awards, including the Grand Homage Lis Diversity and recognitions from the Canadian Parliament and Senate. Recently, he was added to the CREA list of awardees for 2023. Dr. Bak is a unique individual who is relentless and passionate about empowering others. He describes himself as a dentist by circumstance, a communicator by passion, and an entrepreneur by nature.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Wellness In Your Workplace

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8 Secret Methods To Grow Your Podcast Audience

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I Can’t Hear You – 6 Simple Tips To Practice Active Listening

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The Dangers Of Gossip In Business – How To Avoid A Toxic Work Environment

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Brainz podcast

With Dr. Bak, the world top 100 doctor and the author of 120 books

Brainz Podcast with Dr. Bak Nguyen CEO of MDEX and Co, Achiever of the Year LinkedIn award, World Top 100 Doctor, and author of 120 books.

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