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Exclusive Interview With Rosalind Panda On Her Business And What "NFT-Friendly" Really Means

Rosalind Panda as a Thought leader, Visionary, and Changemaker is here to inspire and empower others to do what inspires them so that all of us together can make this world a better place. She lives a life with Purpose and optimism serving mankind and benefitting the World through the fundamental elements of life e.g. Art, Technology, Creative design thinking, and Innovation. She is the CEO of Rosalind IT Services Inc, Founder of Rosalind Arts, CEO of Rosalind Constructions, Founder of ROVA Token, and the Non-Profit organization called Rosalind Prasad Foundation Inc. She is a technology Innovator, fine art artist, Public Speaker, Author, and influencer. Additionally, she is on the board of members in the non-profit organization called River Art Works.

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The Key To Unlocking A Balanced And Mindful Life In A Busy World

Headaches, insomnia, constipation, restless legs, fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, breakouts, anxious thoughts, overwhelm.

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How To Bring More Ease And Joy Into Your Relationship

We often seek validation and happiness solely from our partners, which can put a lot of pressure on our relationship..

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How To Create A New Stream Of Income With An Online Course

Creating an online course is not only a great way to share your knowledge and skills with others

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Are You Working So Hard That You Pushed Yourself To Feeling Unwell And Burnt Out?

To all the women out there working hard to make their lives better and ensure that they are healthy and well, I salute you!

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How Can I Overcome People-Pleasing?

It is possible for some people to be unaware that they are acting a certain way or wearing a mask in order to avoid conflict

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How To Build A Strong Company Culture For Effective Leadership

A strong company culture is the backbone of any successful organization.

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Want To Be More Credible In Business? Here Is What You Should Do

Do you want to establish your credibility in business? Let me share with you several things you can do in order to become trusted

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The Top 10 Free Project Management Tools For Getting Things Done

Free project management software is designed specifically for planning and managing a project to achieve specific goals

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Simple Tips For Achieving Your Dreams

Written by: Anna Filatova, Executive Contributor Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute...

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“Being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are.”

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With Rosalind Panda, CEO and Founder

Rosalind Panda as a Thought leader, Visionary and Change maker is here to inspire and empower others to do what inspires them so that all of us together can make this world a better place. She is the Influencer in the International Association of Women Organization empowering, encouraging and impacting others’ lives. She believes in serving and empowering others with noble intentions behind her every action, acting towards her vision, serving humanity, benefiting humankind through her contributions and giving back to the community.

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