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Exclusive Interview With Rosalind Panda On Her Business And What "NFT-Friendly" Really Means

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Rosalind Panda as a Thought leader, Visionary, and Changemaker is here to inspire and empower others to do what inspires them so that all of us together can make this world a better place. She lives a life with Purpose and optimism serving mankind and benefitting the World through the fundamental elements of life e.g. Art, Technology, Creative design thinking, and Innovation. She is the CEO of Rosalind IT Services Inc, Founder of Rosalind Arts, CEO of Rosalind Constructions, Founder of ROVA Token, and the Non-Profit organization called Rosalind Prasad Foundation Inc. She is a technology Innovator, fine art artist, Public Speaker, Author, and influencer. Additionally, she is on the board of members in the non-profit organization called River Art Works. She is the Influencer in the International Association of Women, the Technology Advisor in the Next Gen Leader group, and a member of the global woman club and International Society of female professionals Organization. She is the author of the book “LET SELF BECOME THE LEADER”.

You are a serial entrepreneur who has founded and run several businesses - can you tell us a bit about your current businesses and what services you offer?

Rosalind IT Services company provides top-notch IT consulting across the world, IT staffing, and Recruitment service across the United States of America. My company works with clients to identify the challenges they are facing to provide tailor-fitted IT solutions in every industry such as Hospitality, Restaurant, Healthcare, Sports, Federal, Financial, Logistics, Education, Tourism, Social Media, eCommerce, ERP Solutions, and Blockchain technologies, web 3.0 technologies, Web and Mobile Application development serving small to Enterprise level Clients.

As the Founder of Rosalind Arts Gallery and a well-known global fine art artist living in New York, I’m a highly versatile creator with pieces in the realms of abstract, landscape, impressionistic and contemporary, modern. Each of my paintings speaks the language of love toward humanity, inner peace, world peace, Positivity, enthusiasm, and Optimism in life.

ROVA is the World’s very first real-world utility-based crypto eco-system that pays back to humanity where it spends. ROVA is an ERC-20 crypto-token built on the polygon blockchain and focused to serve humanity by providing real-world utility through amazing apps and platforms such as a food application, a blog/news application, an NFT platform, and a highly secure trading platform. The ecosystem is built to connect the real world with the features of blockchain technology with

Rosalind Constructions is a company that provides Steel Detailing, Architectural Design, Interior design, connection design, etc. that utilizes CAD-based 3D modeling technology to offer construction companies and architecture firms the designs and drawings to visualize complex projects. What does being a "fine art artist" mean?

As a fine art artist, I turn my aesthetic visualization into reality by using mediums such as colors, textures, patterns, and unique ways of expressing and giving my imagination a physical form. Being a creator of my thoughts to impact others’ lives positively, I make sure I put wonderful energy and spirit into everything that I create.

Why is creativity so important to you and why do you think everyone should focus on finding their creative side?

I believe every human being is born with this gift of creativity. We as Human beings are filled with energy that circulates in our body, mind, and spirit. Making the best use of this creative energy to inspire, impact, and empower others while living my passion and purpose in life brings true joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

When all of us as individuals bring out the best through creativity which is channelized to benefit mankind it creates a rippling effect to make this world a better place.

How do we serve and empower other people around us?

We serve humanity through our creativity, leadership, optimism, kindness, encouragement, empathy, and wisdom. Noble thoughts make a human being. When we hold the power to impact somebody’s thoughts to see self-worth and share kindness we are empowering.

Tell us about your own cryptocurrency “Rova“, how did you come to create your own cryptocurrency?

I’m the Founder of the World’s First real-world utility-based crypto ecosystem called “ROVA”. This ecosystem is the solution to the utility factor that the current cryptocurrency space is lacking. Technology and innovation play an integral role in everybody’s life and it is always there to benefit mankind and makes lives easier.

ROVA is an ERC-20 crypto-token built on the polygon blockchain that does make a difference with others. The ecosystem is built to connect the real world with the features of blockchain technology. Every cryptocurrency facilitates people to use it as digital currency only and has no real-world applications. If they have, they are very limited to some groups of people who know the technology and sort of computer skills.

ROVA aimed to remove those limitations and apply the amazing blockchain features to real-world utilities through the crypto ecosystem.

What does "NFT-friendly" really mean?

Evolution is inevitable and it is happening in the stages when it needs to happen. We were using web 2.0 and now, web 3.0 is here with its amazing features of security and decentralization. In the same trend, we are now giving value to art through NFT. The ROVA crypto ecosystem included an NFT platform that is going to solve the fungibleness of NFTs. In this, we encourage the creative humankind to stay more creative and at the same time use the wonderful blockchain technology. Hence, ROVA crypto ecosystem is NFT-Friendly. For more details visit

Tell us about your greatest achievement in your career so far!

Ans: Being recognized as a Forbes personnel, global leader, international author of my book “Let self become the Leader”, being Founder of the World’s First real-world utility-based crypto ecosystem ROVA Token, renowned global fine art artist, and future endeavors.

“A great leader’s achievements are endless” - Rosalind Panda

For more info, follow Rosalind on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit her website!



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