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Exclusive Interview With Marina - Marketing Guru & Founder Of Marina Morgan Marketing

Marina Morgan Marketing is a full-service marketing agency located in Nantucket and Cape Cod working with passionate brands. We are a forward-thinking team of creatives, strategists, and marketing experts. Whether it’s with our Masterclass, customized services, free resources, or our one-on-one consulting, we want nothing more than for your small business and organization to succeed.

While we love aesthetically pleasing graphics, we know that a pretty feed will only get you so far. We craft strategies, find your audience, leverage creative campaigns, and build lasting relationships. One thing we understand, make every impression count.

Article Highlights

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When I Challenged My Worldview – My World Healed

We all want something in our lives to be different. So why is it that things so often stay the same?

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7 Reasons To Dance Like No One Is Watching

So, you started 2024 with all the right intentions to get fit, healthy, and grounded, but quickly...

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Embark On The Path To Leadership Mastery – The Sacred Triad Unveiled

Leadership is a bit like parenting, everyone thinks they are doing it right, but deep down, we all know we are winging it.

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Your Toolbox – Having The Right Tool To Do The Job

When you need to fix something in our homes, you usually go to our toolbox or drawer to find the proper tool.

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5 Ways To Leverage User-Generated Content For Business Growth

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, user-generated content (UGC) has surfaced as a formidable asset...

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Stress Is No Laughing Matter

Have you ever tried Laughter Yoga? I had no idea it was a thing.

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Unlock Your Inner Genius – 4 Strategies For High-Level Thinking

Unlocking your inner genius and tapping into high-level thinking is the key to unleashing your full potential.

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Why Curiosity Needs To Be The Number 1 Leadership Trait

In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, one true way to encourage your ability to navigate the many challenges...

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Balancing Act – How To Prioritize Health And Fitness In A Hectic Work Life

The fast-paced nature of today’s work environment can make it easy to lose sight of our most valuable asset – our health.

Quote of the week

“Trust your instincts. They are often undervalued."

6 Tips To Approach Personal Disagreements

All of us will encounter challenging conversations at some point in our lives. In a time where there is such a variety of views regarding...

10 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

Many of my clients believe they are alone living with bipolar disorder and that its rare and their future is bleak. Though, complicated...

7 Tips To Help You Start & Keep Running

Have you been curious about incorporating running into your routine but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of quitting running...

How To Get Ahead As An Entrepreneur

Adele Tevlin of the C.E.O Blueprint has learned to “get head” and base her values in business upon what success really means to her...

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Brainz Expert Panel

How To Create A Vision And Take Action

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Sustainability. Members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, and hacks within different topics. 

1. Upgrade Your Roadmap & Thrive

Begin by reviewing your current situation, your goals, and your dreams. Infuse your vision with passion, ensuring it's both inspiring and resonates with your life's and business's values. Draft your vision, make sure that it aligns with long-term aspirations and provides a clear direction. Once defined, communicate this vision to all involved participants, ensuring it is embedded in the daily activities. Translate your vision into actionable strategies, setting clear milestones and regularly reviewing progress to maintain momentum and adapt to changing circumstances. Emi Olausson Fourounjieva, Transformational Coach & Business Consultant

Brainz podcast

A conversation on awakening your higher self with Danny Morel

Danny Morel is a life coach and spiritual leader guiding millions throughout the world to awaken, heal and transform their life. Danny is known for hosting Awaken Your Highest Self, which is an event that takes place in-person multiple times a year, and additionally The Higher Self podcast, one of the top spirituality podcasts in the US.

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