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Meet Dr. Karwanna D. - The Award-Winning Expert In Government Contracts

Dr. Karwanna D. is an award-winning Small Business Expert who specializes in Government Contracts. She’s the founder of She’s Got Goals, LLC and the Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts. As a 20+ year business vet who has successfully built two small businesses of her own, Dr. Karwanna teaches small business entrepreneurs how to grow their business with government contracts so they can have consistent income, and get paid top dollars by the no. 1 largest purchaser of services in the US without chasing customers.

Over the past couple of years, this Government Contracts Strategist has helped over 200+ business owners generate upwards of 6 million dollars and grow in revenues. Karwanna’s been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Star Tribune Business, Best Business Digest, SBA SBDC, Ticker News, The LIST TV Show, and more and has shared the stage with major leaders including Les Brown, Trent Shelton, Dr. George Frazier, Stacia Pierce and others.

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3 Steps To Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn – The Game-Changer Platform For Coaches

In the fast-paced world of online growth and lead generation, one platform stands tall as a game-changer for coaches

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2 Steps To Success With Less Stress –Especially For High Achieving Leaders & Parents

She was one of those people you’d look at and think, “She’s really got it together.”

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Construction Consulting & Coaching – A Blueprint For Business Growth And Success

With its intricate demands and evolving challenges, the construction industry needs a strategic approach

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When The Cure Becomes The Problem – Ozempic And The Quick-Fix Epidemic

Welcome to an exploration of a phenomenon that has subtly crept into modern society: the Quick-fix culture.

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Top 5 Pillars On How To Optimize Your Health And Wellbeing

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Relationship Coaching For Couples – 10 Surprising Insights

Being a relationship coach for couples has been a transformative journey for my clients and myself

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5 Elements That Can Help Us In Stressful Situations

In life, we encounter many situations that put us in various emotional states - from mild irritation to anxiety, which exacerbates stress.

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3 Steps To Creating A Magnetic Life You Love With Ease

If you’re looking for your life purpose and want to manifest your wildest dreams into reality,

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Navigating A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

"Social media usage can be both risky and beneficial.

Quote of the week

“Forgiveness is about choosing to release yourself from the handcuffs of the past.”

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