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From Pharmaceuticals To Energy Medicine Guru - Exclusive Interview With Dipal Shah

Dipal Shah, Internationally Acclaimed Self-Care Expert and Medical Intuitive has one mission: to help women heal their past and strengthen the powerful intuition within themselves. She wants to see women take charge of their health and lead them to a better life.

A recognized expert in the field of Energy Medicine, Dipal created the Quantum Body Awakening Technique: leading thousands of women in over 92 countries to escape painful, chronic health conditions where western medicine failed. Dipal's unique gifts created profound shifts for her clients; from finding boundless energy to experiencing life with increased purpose and inspiration.

Through her company, Ananda 4 Life, Dipal has served celebrities, thought leaders, and health-care practitioners, leading them to find joy and decrease suffering through her blend of practices.

Featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global Magazine, The List TV Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, Dipal is frequently called upon to share her messages on mass media platforms along with Summits and Podcasts. Currently, she is a content creator for Best Holistic Life Magazine creating articles and education around reclaiming your health and life.

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