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How to Use Your Intuition for Business Success

Written by: Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Our brain is constantly making decisions. A lot of these decisions are programmed and wired in the brain. We do not even realize that there is a decision-making process that is happening inside.

There are other times when we are not sure what to do, and we turn to friends and family, the internet, or whatever other sources of information or advice that can help us with the decision making.

And then there are times when we just know. Call is a hunch or a gut feeling or intuition. We know what to do, which way to turn, who to avoid, and where to go.

Why is it important to develop our intuition?

Our intuition, when developed to its full potential, can be our strongest guide. It can help us find all our answers without having to look out for them. It is our deepest and truest source of knowledge and wisdom.

Intuition is like any other muscle in the body. It gets stronger with practice. Using our intuition to make decisions ensures that the path that we are choosing in life is aligned with our soul's journey, which is why it is important to trust and develop our intuition. The more aligned we are, the more harmony and synchronicity between what we want and what we do.

How to use your intuition in business?

Here is how you can develop your intuition to use it for getting the best outcomes in your business and moving to a place of greater success, abundance, and growth.

Listen to your body.

The body knows. The body gives out signs that indicate that your intuition is trying to talk to you.

The solar plexus chakra, located a few inches above the navel, is our center of control, which is why when you go on a rollercoaster ride, it creates a sinking feeling in that part of the abdomen. It is because the mind perceives a lack of control and reacts. The gut feeling is the strongest way in which our intuition talks to us. Listen to how that part reacts when it is presented with a situation or choice.

Other ways the body sends out signals are through goosebumps, a strange or weird taste in your mouth, or a sudden easing out and release.

With practice, you can become more sensitive to these signs and start to listen to them better. They will help you get in touch with your innermost self.

Notice the signs.

There are other ways that the messages of our intuition manifest to us. Dreams are powerful carriers of messages. So are flashes and visions.

A technique you can use to catch the signs better is to formulate clear questions for your intuition to work. When there is a question that you have articulated, the specific answer becomes available to you, which is easier to spot.

Your intuition can also become manifest as words that you can actually listen to. It can manifest as emotions like feeling restless and anxious when something doesn't feel right and feeling a release and peace when you align with what is coming your way.

Develop a meditation practice.

For intuition to work effectively, it is important for the noises in the head to quiet down. All your to-do lists and thoughts of emails, social media, invoices, and clients will never cease. Taking some time every day to move away from the chaos of every day into relaxation and grounding can do wonders to enhance your intuition.

Before you begin your meditation, think about the areas where you lack clarity. It could be a specific problem or an area of your business you would like to work on. Articulate that question for your meditation.

Once you have done that, wait in silence. Let your breath become your anchor. Trust that the answers will come to you in one way or another. And trust that if it is taking time, if you are not getting your answers right away, that is ok too. They will come when the time is right.

Keep your faith intact.

The more faith you have in yourself, the more faith you will have in the workings of the universe. Faith is everything. Yes, it is.

At times you might feel that it does not make logical sense to go with what your intuition is telling you. Go with it nonetheless. Flow.

Having faith in yourself also means trusting your potentials of infinite wisdom, courage, and compassion. When you believe that you are worthy and that you are enough, when you have the faith that you already have everything inside you that you need for your dreams to come true, you manifest that into your reality.

Faith also exhibits in the confidence you have in your business. Do you really believe that what you are doing is aligned with your purpose and with your path? If you do, your inner voice will lead you to everything you need to achieve your goals and desires.

In closing.

Your intuition is your guide, support, and friend. It can help you with the bigger decisions you need to make in your business and small, everyday things. They all lead up to the same goal.

The more in touch with your intuition you are, the stronger the guidance that you receive. Hoping that you will be able to use some of these ways to move towards greater fulfillment and success in your business.

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Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tom & Ania Yatar are world travelers who have helped thousands of people attract financial wealth, mental & emotional health, perfect physical health, relational and spiritual wealth. We both started out working jobs that left us living paycheck to paycheck, exhausted and worn out. We were only able to dream that we’d ever get to live the lives we truly wanted, longing for the freedom to live life on our own terms and time to enjoy life to the fullest. Individually we each set out creating our own businesses and learning new skills, where eventually, we both came to understand the importance of mindset and its effect on our businesses. The way we created consistency in our marketing and the abundance mindset for ourselves is the exact same methods we teach to our students now.

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