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Choose To Change Your Thoughts

Michael Doyle is an expert in peak performance and human potential. He has a passion for self mastery with a focus on consciousness, flow state, and harnessing the quantum field. He believes when businesses can create a collective flow, they become unstoppable.

Executive Contributor Michael Doyle

Our thoughts shape our reality period. Yes, there are other factors like our energy, vibration, beliefs, and our environment that influence what we create however, everything starts with a thought. Much of what we think about and the associated emotions that follow are based largely on the past. In studies of human behaviour and our thoughts there is scientific proof that all thoughts have corresponding neurological and chemicals effects within our body.

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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer


Starting at birth we use our thoughts to develop many beliefs. As we grow, learn, explore, and expand, we create self-awareness and develop our metacognition. Basically, its our ability to think about our thoughts. Through this process we may realize that not all beliefs are supporting our journey. Certain beliefs may have once served us but no longer do, others still serve us while many were never healthy, but we accepted them into our subconscious largely by the age of seven.


Our environment, perceptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us set the stage for our habitual thinking programs. Either consciously or unconsciously we are co-creating with the unified field. The environment we spend time in will heavily influence what we create.


Whatever we look for in life, I believe we will find. As they say our energy flows where our attention goes. We are indeed our biggest obstacle in life, but the good news is we are also our greatest asset. Which one you fuel the most, determines the quality of your life. We intrinsically understand there is power in knowing thyself. The way we see ourselves and the world will shape how and what we create in life. Perspective is key.



It has been said that Love and Fear are the only two words in the language of the soul. Many people are in a place of fear, and this creates a lower vibration as well as negative thoughts. Creating from this place will always attract people and experiences that are unwanted. While acting from a place of love will consistently gift you people, opportunities, and experiences that you will enjoy.


Our thoughts are highly influenced by our beliefs, environment, and our perspectives. When it comes to the actions we take, they are generated from our thoughts. All our decisions in life comes down to making a choice. If most of your thoughts are not helping you create the life you want, then choose to change your thoughts.


Michael is a peak performance and leadership expert, a best-selling author, a gifted speaker, an intuitive coach, and a professional musician. He has an innate ability to unlock the potential in others. His process is powerful, having transformed his own life from being exhausted, overweight and stuck, to where he is now thriving. Taking a common-sense approach, he effectively motivates, influences, and guides companies and their teams to work in a “collective flow.”



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