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How To Improve Resilience & Performance With Katie Millett - The Chelsea Wellness Coach

The Chelsea Wellness Coach works within corporate well-being programs and sporting environments running talks, workshops and 1:1 micro clinics and/or 1:1 coaching. Through shifts in mind health, lifestyle and nutrition she helps individuals improve resilience and enhance performance within the working environment and beyond. Her methods and practice are science backed and performance driven. Katie also runs a clinic in Harley Street from which she is currently working on a project for the NHS treating diabetes through diet and lifestyle - very cutting edge approach to medicine! She loves people and is passionate about helping others 'less fortunate' which has taken her to work within the prison reform system. There, she is a mentor with Saracens Rugby Foundation working with inmates both in prisons as well as their transition back into society. Science shows that change is absolutely possible with the right knowledge and support so her mission is for this message to reach as many people as possible. Katie's work has been included in various published books but her latest project is a book on mind health and finding happiness through meditation, neuroscience and physics, written by and with a zen monk - watch this space!

Hi Katie! Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Katie Millett (aka The Chelsea Wellness Coach). I am mum to 2 boys, currently living in Oxfordshire. We moved out of London during the recent pandemic and haven’t looked back - we love it! My roots are firmly in London so the move was never going to be easy but there is no doubt that the greater connection with nature combined with more space as a family, has served us well.

I grew up in Chelsea, London (hence the name!) but spent my boarding school days in Suffolk, on the east coast of England, deep in the countryside! On reflection, our school days were idyllic. In the days before mobile phones, social and mass media our young and developing minds were free to blossom in ways that we don’t see these days - I have huge gratitude for this experience.

My early career was mainly spent in the world of PR and I found my working ‘home' in financial PR in the city. I loved it and we had a huge amount of fun, but life was hard and fast and ultimately, it was the beginning of my glorious downfall that brought me to where I am, and what I do, today. The long hours and unhealthy habits took their toll on my mind-body health. I eventually found my way back to balance through nutritional and lifestyle shifts and now I help others do the same - “every cloud has a silver lining!”.

I love spending time outdoors and I enjoy the challenges of life as they ultimately make us stronger and more resilient. I have become an ice bath enthusiast after spending some time in Thailand recently with Wim Hof which changed my life. Some of the practices we indulged in very much became a way of life for me moving forward - I am extremely grateful for the time spent with him and his team.

Something I am hugely proud of recently was climbing Ben Nevis (UK’s highest peak) in some pretty dangerous winter conditions. It was, hands down, one of the toughest things I have done to date - what an experience!

What is your business name and how do you help your clients?

I am known as ‘The Chelsea Wellness Coach’ and my business means everything to me! It is more than a ‘career’ or a ‘business’, it is a way of life. I love people and it allows me to connect with others, impact their life and help them make positive changes to bring about authentic and balanced mind-body health. I do this through mind fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Knowledge and empowerment is all it takes.

I work within corporate well-being programs running talks, workshops and 1:1 micro clinics and/or on a 1:1 coaching basis, improving resilience and performance through shifts in mind health, lifestyle and nutrition. My practice is science backed and performance driven.

I also support a clinic in Harley Street, with consultant, Dr Abbi Lulsegged, in functional medicine (gut focused medicine). We are currently working on a great project for the NHS treating diabetes through diet and lifestyle - very cutting edge and extremely exciting!

One of my proudest and fondest projects to date is the work I do within the prison reform system. I am a mentor with Saracens Rugby Foundation and work within prisons reform programs as well as with prisoners as they transition back into society. Science shows us that change is absolutely possible and to help people realise that is truly an honour.

Lastly and excitingly, I am also in the process of setting up nutrition and lifestyle retreats which we hope to launch early 2023 - what this space!

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

I mainly work within businesses and sporting environments to improve employee wellbeing, resilience and performance. I also work on 1:1 programmes or micro clinics by request.

-What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

To reach out to more business’s on a global level. Every situation has it’s pro’s and con’s and one thing the pandemic changed for me was being able to work on business/corporate well-being on a global level through not just travel but also online presenting. I love the energetic exchange of being in the same room as my audience but having worked also online for a while now, I have been pleasantly surprised by how successful it has been.

What is your work inspired by?

Mainly people, I love people and the knowledge and understanding around the ‘truth’. The ‘truth’ being what true happiness and health is and means. I am inspired to help others achieve true health and happiness alongside mind-body balance.

Oh and, my meditation teacher - he inspires me every day. He is an ex zen monk and we work together on combining the world of mind-health with neuroscience. We have some exciting projects coming up - watch this space.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

Gosh, I have many things I am proud of but I am currently enjoying working alongside the Saracens rugby club foundation within prison reform systems in both adults and young adults. I consider myself privileged on many levels and I feel it important to give back and reach people that need it the most.

Science and real life situations prove to us over and over that change is possible. When applied in a positive way, the ripple effect within ourselves and society is huge! I shall forever highlight this and help people to change for the better!

For more info, follow Katie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit my website!



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