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Easy Money-Author Jens Lapidus In Exclusive Interview About His Life After Law

Jens Lapidus is one of Sweden's most successful authors who broke through in 2006 with the hit trilogy Easy Money. The first book was sold to over 30 countries and was later filmed under the direction of Daniel Espinosa. After his debut as a writer, he released two sequels to Easy Money, and several new books such as the short story collection Mama Tried, The VIP Room, and Paradise City. In 2021, Netflix made a reboot of Lapidus Easy Money, where he participated as, among other things, executive producer and screenwriter. In an exclusive interview, Brainz Magazine has talked to Jens Lapidus about his successes, setbacks, life after law, and how to succeed with your writing.

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The Secret To Financial Freedom – How To Live The Life You Want

In recent years, a significant trend has emerged, capturing the aspirations of individuals and families worldwide...

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6 Reasons To Invest In Your Writing Today

Reason #1: You deserve it.

You deserve to do what lights you up. You deserve to do what brings you joy.

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How To Reach Your Goals By Doing Less

In a world that is moving at the fastest pace every day with the advancement of technology,

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Learn How To Be A Brilliant Boss

There are many ways you can be a brilliant boss, but in my 25 years of being a leader and now training people to be leaders.

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What Has Red Balloons To Do With Web3?

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” – Winnie the Pooh.

Believing in what You are doing made this "red balloon" company go from "broke"

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Empowered Leadership ‒ Making People Feel Comfortable In Un-Comfortability

Long gone are the days of a supervisor or manager standing over an employee’s shoulders pressuring that employee to work harder.

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Mistakes Personal Brands Are Making On Social Media

Social media is such an important part of our business landscape now, and it may be hard enough to keep up with all of the changes.

Quote of the week

“Are you humble enough to learn and brave enough to ask for help?”

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Voice search is changing how we think about SEO strategies because more people use voice assistants for online searches.

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With Hanna Hermanson - CEO "Done For You Copywriting Services“

Hanna Hermanson is the founder and CEO of Done for You Copywriting for Coaches. As a life and business coach for years, Hanna gained deep insights and intuitive knowledge about what motivates people to take action. Hanna and her team of expert copywriters combine these insights with creative copy strategies to scale coaching businesses and help transformational leaders get back into their zone of genius. Hanna's work can be found in Forbes, Thrive Global, and on her weekly podcast "Dream Life is Real Life.

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