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The Future Of Humanity – Thriving In An Age Of AI And Automation

Written by: Kathy Baldwin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Kathy Baldwin

We are in a pivotal paradigm shift in our world that history will look back on as profound as our evolution from our caveman days.

Human art

The end of normal: Adapting to technological advances

Our education, economic, government, political systems are crumbling around us. Our scientific understanding of our world, our health, our capacities are showing us daily how powerful we are. Add all of this to the extremely fast area of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and we can have our heads spinning. Oh My!

There is no going back to “normal”. We either adapt and step into the next generation of ourselves or I am afraid individuals will be left behind. Our repetitive and manual jobs are already being replaced by computers and we have only just begun.

So where does that leave us humans? Are we going to become extinct?

Absolutely not. This is the time when our humanity has never been needed more. Our capacity for innovation, imagination, creativity, compassion and our innate intelligence is being called forward. Computers and AI can’t replicate that.

From disempowerment to self-discovery: Reclaiming your inner strength

Unfortunately, we are not prepared. Yet!

We are living in an era of individual disempowerment in favor of societal conformity. Our education systems have prepared us for a career of “jobs”. Our health systems have been based on wellness based on pharma. We have altered our global environments, causing untold damage and changes to our planet. Our economies are based on economic policy and debt. We have lost our elders and our mentors. Our sense of community is gone, leaving people isolated and lonely.

We are living with unprecedented stress, mental and physical health issues. Stress and inflammation are the root cause of 90% of our diseases. 76% of our population is coping with extreme stress. Our young adults and children are dealing with anxiety and pressure. More people are dying of obesity than of malnutrition. So what is the answer?

Human ingenuity: Our answer to artificial intelligence

We now know that we have the power to rewire our own brains with neuroplasticity. We can change our health and diseases by changing the chemistry of our body by changing our beliefs and thoughts, as proven with epigenetics. We can personalize our own development and growth by customizing our own education plans rather than following along a systemized system.

With all of this available to us, all we need is our own personal knowledge and understanding of how we can design ourselves, our lives and our own futures with intentional, conscious individual choices.

So how do we even begin? We have been taught how to ignore our feelings, thoughts and ambitions. We have been discouraged from tapping into our own unique potential and gifts. We have been lied to for profits over people.

The answer is simple. Take back your personal power. Learn how your bio-resonance systems are communicating what is happening within your own body. Understand the physics of all of the universal laws. Connect with your own inner innate power, heart and soul.

Which do I need? A therapist, counselor or a coach?

There is some confusion about the differences between coaches and counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists and what is the best application for any of them. Every one of these skills are important but do not underestimate their differences when choosing what is best for you.

Psychiatrists are doctors of our brain as a medical doctor. Psychologists are scientists who study data about our cognitive, emotional and social processes and behaviors. Counselors help people find solutions to their problems with personal skills development. Therapists are able to diagnose and treat mental health disorders like bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

Depression, anxiety, stress and burnout

Depression, anxiety, stress and burnout are all effects of something. They are not the causes. It is imperative to get to the root causes in order to achieve your desired outcomes. If your root causes are medical or psychological, then a personal empowerment coach will not resolve those issues.

Whereas if you are seeking to self actualize into the best version of yourself, create a life of purpose and meaning, resolve the depression, diseases and anxiety caused by being out of alignment with who you truly are, because you don’t know who you truly are, then find the best coach you can.

Personal empowerment: The key to navigating future challenges

There is a misunderstanding that coaches are only for business or sports. Coaching is the new term for mentor or elder, in that they are the ones that have gone before you, who know what you are going through and what you need and then can guide you to where they are.

They have walked the walk and understand more than anyone how to create shortcuts from the trial and error methods. They save time and money by utilizing your resources to achieve results easily through their experience and expertise. They can see more in you than you can see in yourself because their view is much higher than yours.

You can be, have, experience anything you want.

The issue for most people is that they can’t articulate what they want because we have been cut off from our internal self. The terms “keep your nose to the grindstone”, “stop daydreaming”, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” are disconnecting terms from who you truly are.

You know your inner self is calling to you. You can feel it. And when you feel it and do not answer the call of your soul, of your purpose, you are creating internal stress of misalignment.

The misalignment dilemma: Finding balance in a world of conformity

Have you ever driven a car with its wheels out of alignment? It is a hard, tough ride. It feels like you are out of control. It puts stress on the other parts of the car, creating additional problems that become larger and more costly. The longer you drive out of alignment, the shorter the lifespan of the vehicle will be.

The exact same process is happening to you. Living in a society of control, and conformity takes you out of your own alignment. Living the rules of the “shoulds” is a sign of internal stress that has no choice but to create inflammation and disease.

Every cell in your body is replaced every 7 years. Your DNA adapts to changes in your environment and that changes the future of the next generation of DNA. When you do not heal yourself, when you don’t step fully into your own life, you are affecting those that follow you in future generations.

Are you ready to restart your life? Reinvent yourself? Transition during midlife?

If so, on behalf of the world and the future, I say thank you. The world has been waiting for you to step into your unique gifts, follow your own dreams, bring your purpose and creation to the world. You are needed. Nobody can give what only you can give. You are not replaceable.

It is actually selfish and irresponsible to not share your gifts, to not step into the fullest you, to live in prosperity, passion and peace.

Quantum physics has proven that everything is energy and energy can not be created or destroyed. Energy can only be transferred or transmuted.

What is the energy that you are putting out into the world? You are either transferring what and who you currently are, or you are transmuting your energy into the next step to transfer.

When you are truly ready to step into your true self, follow your inner guidance system and follow the dreams and goals your heart is calling you to, then you need to find the best coach for yourself. The one that aligns with you and where you are being called to. For example, if your heart is calling you to be an artist, then find an artistic mentor and coach. Your heart will know when you have found your truth. Trust it.

And beware that your brain will lie to you. Your brain is designed to be an efficiency master, putting as much as possible on automatic pilot, and it feels safe in only what it has survived. Your brain is designed to keep you alive. The fact that you are still alive tells your brain that it has worked and in order for it to continue to keep you alive, it must be right.

That is it. Alive.

Not healthy, wealthy, happy. Not living on purpose, making a difference, adding your gifts to the web of our evolution. Just alive.

Be prepared for all the ways that your brain will try to keep you safe and sound by the excuses, the procrastination, the avoidance and whatever else has been your personal drug of choice to keep you stuck, safe and alive.

Because your brain is designed to always be right, it will find proof of what your thoughts and feelings are telling you. When you are ready to truly step into yourself, when you find your inner spark and desire to truly live and thrive, your brain will find a way to make you right. It has to.

This is where your coach is your safety net to keep you going in the change that you want. That is why it is so hard to make changes by yourself.

That is why understanding how your own personal vehicle works, (your bio-chemical body), accessing your inner GPS (your thoughts, feelings and intuition) and truly knowing the rules of the road to navigate with ease and flow (universal laws) is so vital. It is why that information is not common knowledge.

It is your time to RiseUP. Will you take it?

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Kathy Baldwin Brainz Magazine

Kathy Baldwin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kathy Baldwin is passionate about guiding people to their inner innate power. Her belief is that we are all born with everything that we need but were never taught how to access and activate it. Unlike learning to drive a vehicle, we are sent out in a vehicle that we do not know how it operates, have not been given access to our GPS or taught the rules of the road to navigate our lives with ease and grace. Without this knowledge, we are kept purposefully disempowered by a system that wants the masses to be controllable as workers and consumers for a system that has power and profit over people.



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