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Strategic Business Growth – 5 Tips For Business Success

Written by: Jamie Adamchuk, Founder of UE_Coaching


We’ve all heard this stat before. 95% of all business startups fail within the first 5 years. But what about the 5 percent who go on to succeed? What makes them so special?

After reviewing countless case studies, working with some of the top minds in the modern business world, and experiencing this success firsthand, I discovered these 5 key differentiating factors that all successful businesses have in common.

1. Purpose:

Your Purpose is your business North Star, and having one clearly defined for your business ensures that you and your team are able to take the specific actions that move you further faster towards your outcomes, eliminating the need to chase bright and shiny objects (or other outcomes) that steer you away from your ultimate goals.

2. Mission:

Your Mission isn’t simply fancy words on the wall that most team members don’t know. It’s your B.H.A.G., and it’s the ultimate outline of where your business is going and where you’ll be arriving after completing these next 10 upcoming years. A clearly defined mission enables you, the business owner, to focus on your progress, and eliminate any unnecessary stress caused by the lack of a specific direction.

3. Values:

Your Values exemplify who you are as a business and what the business stands for. Your values serve as both a forward-facing message to your clients of who you are as a business, and as an internal code of conduct from which all decisions are made. This provides your clients transparency in understanding what they can expect, and it also provides your team complete clarity as to the unwavering standards of the organization.

4. The O.W.N. Achievement Method:

Achieving an outcome for your business, especially one that’s not yet been realized, involves a mapping process that clearly defines the exact steps to get there. The O.W.N. Achievement Method, comprised of Outcomes, Why’s and the exact path of Navigation to your outcome, enables you to do this on purpose, on time, every time.

5. Time To Huddle Up:

What moves any team closer toward achieving their results is having a rock-solid consistent system of accountability in place. Short daily and weekly team productivity huddles drive this accountability forward while all but eliminating the disengagement experienced from the typical team meetings that so many employees and leaders are accustom to.

I share this, because those businesses who have a proven system for growth, who have established a budget for team training and who invest in a reputable coaching and mentorship program are the businesses that go on to succeed. Period.

If you’d like to uncover the quickest path to doubling your business productivity, so that you can get even more done, & make more sales than before, then I invite you to watch my free case study here:

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Here is a link to a free productivity case study and a link to the UE Coacing Education Academy.

You can read the full interview with Jamie Adamchuk here!


About the Author:

Jamie Adamchuk has been in the professional training industry for well over 11 years, serving executive management teams worldwide. He’s worked with multiple industries including healthcare, restaurant & food service, heavy equipment, real estate and coaching, where he specializes in Extraordinary Customer Service and Strategic Business Growth.

He's previously served with the Anthony Robbins Group of Companies as a Tony Robbins Certified Master and Platinum Coach, conducting in excess of 7000 coaching sessions, along with providing his services as a Tony Robbins Business Trainer.

He’s coached clients in over 30 countries worldwide, on 6 of the 7 continents, and has most recently traveled to Australia to do so.

Jamie is an internationally Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP and one of Tony Robbins original mentors.

He has coached thousands of Consultants, Coaches and C-Level Executives on business development, marketing, sales, and most importantly, on how to scale business quickly. Through his training and mentoring program he’s helped those business clients quadruple their monthly income, quickly and efficiently scale their businesses by 75% or more, coached his clients on creating multiple successful business streams that produced 80% increases in profitability and helped those same business owners reduce their time spent working in the business, by as much as 70%.

Jamie is a published author and is extremely proud to donate his time to The JASH Foundation where he helps separated and divorcing parents put their kids first



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