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Is It Possible To Change Your Life’s Trajectory? 3 Steps To Prioritizing Purpose Over Self

Kristin Weaver is an expert in the field of personal development, according to the recently published "Ask the expert collumn in Jan 2024 Baltimore Magazine." Her unique life as an NFL Coache's Wife has given her the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Executive Contributor Kristin Weaver

Is it possible to change your life’s trajectory? The answer is yes! Look in the mirror. I mean really look deep into your eyes to uncover what is at the core of your being. If you are feeling stagnant and lacking fulfillment. Shoot, even if you think you are fulfilled but know there is so much more you could contribute to this world, the search is over and here is what you need to do.

Feet and two arrows painted on floor.

Change your narrative and live a purpose-driven life. Uncover your life’s mission in this chaotic world. Easier said than done right? Sometimes the answers are not staring us right in the face. We need to search for them. Blair Enns once said that you can not read the label from inside of the jar. Take a step back and get another perspective.

Let me clarify, there is nothing wrong with not knowing your life’s mission. There is however a problem with not being in search of it. We are simply not whole until we do. By aligning our actions with a greater cause or vision, each effort becomes extraordinary. When our actions are infused with intentionality and meaning, every setback becomes a stepping stone toward growth. Instead of having a victim mentality, “everything is happening to us” we start to have a mindset of resilience, “everything is happening for us”. What can we learn from this experience? Just imagine if everyone in the world would get on the same page with this. When individuals are united by a common purpose, collective action becomes an unstoppable force for progress and change.

We are constantly being pushed by the universe in the direction of our higher power. Just maybe we should actually pay attention and listen.

3 steps to start living your life with a purpose over self mentality

Develop a deeper sense of selflessness

Take the time to expand your perspective. Create a whole new mental pathway of thinking by exploring unconventional ideas. Maybe open up a magazine on a subject you have never thought to look into before. Or listen to a podcast on something that has never crossed your mind to embark upon. Dig up the buried treasures of passion and purpose that lie dormant within you. We don’t allow our brains to grow when we continue to surround ourselves with the same repetitive path and routine. Reflect upon your values and dreams and allow them to serve as the guide on your journey to life transformation.

Define your mission

What is the unique contribution you long to make to the world? What do you want to be remembered for doing by your children and your children’s children? By clarifying your mission and vision, you will empower yourself to align your actions with a higher purpose, transforming the petty ego-driven desires to serve a greater cause. We must stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about others well being. We are in this thing called life together.

Get off your butt and take action

Start holding yourself accountable. Take note of what you are willing to give up to make room for the new and benefit of others. Picture this, you stand at the edge of existence, you are on the brink of the unknown stretching out in front of you. In this moment of deep reflection, you are confronted with a choice. A choice that has the power to redefine the entire structure of your world as you know it. Will you continue to follow the familiar path of self-centeredness? Or will you have the courage to forge a new path guided by your sense of purpose?

I encourage you to break free from the average. Challenge yourself to stand out and embrace the boundless possibilities. Dare to prioritize purpose over self and see what metamorphosis happens in your life. Be warned, there is indeed a ripple effect when this takes place. The people around you start to see the sunshine you are bringing into the lives of others and they will want in on the action. They too will want to find their purpose and clarity. I know I uncovered this secret during my journey. When I first became a Self Development/ Life Coach I immediately started seeing the remarkable transformation of those around me.

Overcoming doubt to live to your full potential

Living a purpose-filled life is not without its trials and tribulations. There will be moments of doubt and fear when the weight of the world threatens to crush your spirit. The naysayers will rear their ugly words and doubt will most defiantly creep in. Your gut will tell you to go for this thing and your head might give you every excuse in the book as to why you can’t. In those moments of darkness, remember the light of the flame that burns inside of you. Cast your ego aside. Your choices have the power to completely redefine your reality. When you finally chose purpose over self, you will notice the surge of energy coursing through your veins as you awaken to boundless potential. You will discover a strength and resilience you never knew you possessed and transfer that onto others.

Now close your eyes and slowly take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths in and out. Quiet the “chitta vritti” or mind chatter. Try to envision a life lived in alignment with your true purpose. What would that feel like? Would the air seem crisper? Would your smile be wider? Would the sky be a brighter shade of blue?

While a lot of us don’t know what that might look like. The lucky bunch that actually do would tell you… The journey proved to be worthwhile. Don’t ever even think of giving up until you find your purpose. And when you do, you will absolutely know!

For personal support on how you can break down your limiting beliefs and live a purpose-driven life, learn more here. Follow me on Instagram here.


Kristin Weaver has dedicated her life to helping people thrive in their pursuit of happiness. She is the CEO of Dream By Weaver LLC. Her focus is breaking down clients limiting beliefs in order to pave the way to living their most authentic smiled filled life. Her mission: Confidence is sexy, let's find yours again.



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