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How To Spot Hidden Stress In Business And Balance Life

Written by: Trina Kavanagh-Thomas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Trina Kavanagh-Thomas

Unlock the code to a harmonious business and life balance. Identify hidden stress and become the master of the life you have created. Step into a world where you open up to a more enjoyable life. Join us on a journey of business success without giving up personal well-being.

Side view of frustrated businessman at the office

Many female leaders and businesswomen who come to me suffer from gut issues such as stress-induced IBS, which can be frustrating and angering. They are stressed, confused and anxious and seek clarity, focus and direction. Many have cortisol levels so high, it has led to increased sugar cravings and trouble sleeping.


They are not enjoying the life they have created for themselves.

Rethinking client pleasing for personal well-being


Why is it that some people seem to have it all? Money, a nice house, a fancy car, a loving partner, and children - yet they still struggle to manage the stress in their lives? Often, they put on a good front when dealing with clients, but they struggle to connect with their children, partners, and even themselves. When it comes to our closest relationships, we may find ourselves communicating poorly, shouting, and feeling resentful, while sometimes we even prioritise our clients' needs over our families. We give so much of our time and energy to our work that it can harm our mental and physical well-being (Daryl B O'Connor, Julian F Thayer, Kavita Vedhara, 2020).


Establishing healthy boundaries for lasting fulfillment

I am not suggesting that you should treat your clients or business poorly. If this kind of 'overgiving' relationship is affecting you and those around you, then you need to establish healthy boundaries between you and your clients. Instead of spending your nights sorting things out for them, chasing them when they do not do the work required from their sessions, and taking responsibility for their tasks when you need to be encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves. Sometimes you will have to let go and answer questions the next day and allow them to do the work they promised to do (which is why they invested in you). Remember, you are not here to do their work for them. Your clients are accountable for their inner work.

Recognising enabling behaviour and its consequences

A lot of this is not only consuming your time and energy, but this behaviour is also affecting your well-being internally as stress and is threatening the relationships around you. This can lead to hidden psychological stress, which can manifest in various physical symptoms and ailments, such as pain, feeding into eating patterns, irritability, problems with digestion and more.


Do you allow your clients to take the steps they need to take? Or are you trying to lift them over every hurdle they take? It is energy-draining for you and those you are arguing with within your household.

Maintaining presence while safeguarding your well-being

It is important right now that your clients know what is stressing them and aid them with finding the right solution that benefits them. Then they work things out for themselves by learning to problem-solve. On the outside of this, you need to rejoin your life. Spend less time focusing on your business and more time living the life you wanted when you first set out on your leadership journey. You didn't get this far not to enjoy it and to fight with your partner about time off. You can enjoy it and take the next step forward, and you can make your life easier by reducing the stress you feel.



Find support

It is important to create a team and find support. Having a small team of people whom you can trust to take over the tasks you are not good at can be extremely helpful. It is crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses and develop a team to hold and support you in life and business. Not only is it a great asset, but it can also help in resolving issues quickly limiting the stress you feel.


Simplify the business


Creating a simplified business, instead of dealing with confusion, is always better. Strive for the simplest way to make things happen and run smoother, such as implementing clear systems and processes. Remember, even if you have systems and processes, they can always be reviewed by a good team to make them better.


Adopt a balanced schedule that compliments life and business


Do you want to be present with your family? Maybe you want to reduce the amount of times you shout (due to stress). Then is it time to learn to switch off from the noise (including your social media) at the most important times when your family are around. Such as after school hours. If this is not possible, navigate this with family or your partner. Be open to moving your business hours around to spend time with those that matter. Do not be afraid to schedule days off and time out with your husband and your family without tech. A happier female leader in the home is a happier leader in business and with her wellbeing.


Is everything running smoothly in business? Yet, you take your business into your life?

Start adopting practices based on calming your body and mind. Do you have a belief in impatience? Start becoming aware of methods to increase patience within the body's nervous system and live the life you deserve.

Resonate and ready to transform your stress levels from within by making your Energy and Well-being a priority in 2024? Book Discovery Call here.

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Trina Kavanagh-Thomas Brainz Magazine

Trina Kavanagh-Thomas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Trina is a writer, creative and intuitive witch who with 12 years experience within the health and wellness industry brings the ENERGY to health for spiritually conscious and curious female businesswomen.


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