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5 Ways To Attract Perfect-Fit Coaching Clients

Written by: Joanna Ingram, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Joanna Ingram

Ready to transform your coaching business with a steady stream of clients who light you up? This is how the most successful coaches grow their income and impact in alignment with their purpose and passion.

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As an ex-Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Consultant, I frequently and unsurprisingly get asked about successful client attraction strategies. As Forbes outlines, success is dependent on relationships and setting yourself apart from the competition. But attracting clients per se is not the answer. Although many new coaches seeking their first few paid clients may disagree!

In our industry, many established, seasoned coaches feel drained by clients who aren't a good fit. This can lead to income plateaus and energy stagnancy. Their clients are so connected to their struggles and can't seem to move forward. So, as a talented and conscientious coach, they over-deliver and try to pull them to the finish line, using all their energy and ending up feeling totally depleted.

Sometimes those clients miss payments or don't show up for a session…and the coach sighs (with resentment rising) when they see that client's name on their calendar.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way at all.

Your zone of genius and cosmic energy is ready for a client attraction elevation to match your inner uplevel.

You're ready to match your personality, energy, expertise, and experience with those clients who are starlight in your world. To celebrate their success as they follow your process, show up with motivation and integrity, and get the most outstanding results.

Ready To Elevate Your Client Attraction?

Here are the five key steps to transform your coaching client roster from misaligned and de-energizing to perfect-fit soul clients.

1. Be you! It's not about imitation – what works for someone else in your niche won't be the same for you

You need to look inside and find the core components of your experience, interests, skills, and personality that establish you as the go-to expert.

This is why I created the Brand EPICS®️ process to join the dots of what makes authentic messaging, unique industry positioning, and differentiation…and watch in awe as my clients finally see the truth that needs to shine through in their content and offers.

2. Authentic messaging is the ring that rules them all

Without it, you spin your wheels no matter what strategies you try – and when you dial in your authentic messaging, BOOM! You show up differently – with more passion, confidence, truth, inspiration, and even more consistency.

PLUS, when you invest in industry training AND feel connected to your message, you find you'll fast-track your success, whatever strategy you're implementing.

3. Resonating in your content requires you to connect with your soul clients

We're talking about the profound truths about their desires that make you magnetic – and invite them to take the next step into your world. There are many ways to connect in your content (some excellent tips are outlined by Brainz Exec Contributor Melodie Dewsbury here).

Wherever you choose to create content, remember to never agitate your audiences' pain points…that could be what got you those low-vibe clients in the past. It's time to call to those who are hell-yes ready for your powerful work by calling to their desires, the results, and outcomes they wish to create (with your help!).

4. Share your unique framework... the process, method, or system that establishes you as a thought leader in your industry

A framework is the trademarkable intellectual property that differentiates you from the masses and demonstrates your unique ability to create the desired transformation for your clients.

You may have the most fantastic program and curriculum, but if your potential clients can’t quickly understand how you create results for them, they won’t buy.

5. To attract perfect-fit clients, you must establish elevated boundaries in your business

The most outstanding clients are attracted to confident and higher-self coaches.Look deeply at your business practices and limiting beliefs, and elevate them first to make energetic space for your soul clients to fly in the door.

This one step alone created the space in her business for one of my clients in the Aligned Messaging Accelerator to say goodbye to the most draining client she worked with and attract three new aligned clients (in a fabulous $20k day!).

If you want the clients you attract to be the perfect-fit, you need to create messaging that calls them in.

By following these five key steps, you'll re-connect with the reasons you started your coaching business in the first place, even if you have an established business, audience or offer.

If you're a visionary and intuitive coach wanting to learn more, you can access my free Aligned Messaging Training for more tips.

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Joanna Ingram Brainz Magazine

Joanna Ingram, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanna Ingram is a former Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Consultant from London, host of the leading podcast, Goals With Soul, and mum to 3 spirited girls. She helps visionary and intuitive thought-leaders, coaches, execs, healers, and lightworkers, find their true voice, embrace their unique brilliance and clarify their authentic messaging so they can elevate their authority and stand out from the crowd in their industry. Joanna's the trusted leader in activating unique messaging and blends proven brand strategy with the energetics of Breathwork, Law of Attraction, and Pranic Healing. As the creator of The Messaging Edge™️ Method, Joanna elevates messaging to magnetize your soul clients. This industry-defining process has been called "Business Therapy" and "Heart-Articulation" by clients who have overcome their fear of judgment and perfectionism to express their truth, increase their visibility and accelerate their impact and income growth. Joanna’s mission is to champion bold women to express their individuality and uniqueness in business. She’s here to guide and inspire you to join the dots of your unique brilliance, magnetic content and aligned offers so you can be paid for being authentically you.

Connect with Joanna on Instagram here.

Check out Joanna's Free Messaging Checklist here.

Listen To ‘Goals With Soul’ here.


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