3 Key High-Performance Habits to Nailing Big Projects

Written by: Jessica Dahlberg, Executive Contributor

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So you have landed that big project, and life is getting really exciting. Your staff are ready and chomping at the bit to help you make it a success. But you're feeling a little bit stuck. It's feeling a bit daunting and the pressure is mounting. On top of that, your family are demanding your attention! How do you manage this intensity? Let me take you through the three key habits to make sure that you nail those big projects.

In fact, if you can learn and master this, you will have the path to growth not just in your business but also in your own personal development. As an entrepreneur’s performance coach, I see how habits like these create greater success in my clients business and generates more happiness in their life. What we all want is a lasting business, a business where people want to come back for more.

Let me take you through these three key high-performance habits to making sure that you nail those big projects.

The first place where we typically get stuck is at the very beginning of major projects. I recently had this situation with a client where he just wasn't getting going. So what we did was we broke down the first 5 steps that he needed to take, just to get started. Then we agreed that he was going to take those actions on that day, not the next day or the next week, but on that day. That was enough to get the momentum going that he needed to just get started. That's typically the place where we first get stuck.

The second point where we can get stuck is about a third way into the project, where we start losing our focus a little bit. We're starting to get a little bit distracted. Maybe there are other projects coming in, or other people's agendas are getting in the way. What do we need to do? We need to make sure that we have a really solid morning routine. So pre-planning our day and getting ourselves mentally and physically ready to be really focused for our day. Whatever your morning routine is, make sure that you have that these included and that you are doing that every single day. That's how we get past that point.

Now, the third point where we can tend to get a little bit stuck is about two-thirds into the project, so really on the home run. Maybe you're not seeing the results that you were hoping for, and so you're starting to lose a little bit of energy, not feeling it like you did before. What do you need to do then? You need to tap into your big Why. Why is this product or service going to make a huge difference in your clients' lives? Remembering that and drawing energy from that vision to make sure that you can stay motivated for that last little bit home.

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