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Cultivating Ceremony In The Mundane Moments To Turn The Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Candace Tozer is a uniquely gifted soul aligned quantum life coach, her passion lies in seeing her clients thrive not just survive, moving them out of the mindset and embodiment of limitation into the realm of possibility.

Executive Contributor Candace Tozer

Everyone lives their lives with moments, moments of joy, moments of sadness and everything in between, but how often do we consciously choose to cultivate ceremony in the mundane ordinary moments to turn them into moments that are extraordinary?


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At any given moment in time, we are participating in life. While there is breath in our lungs, we are participating. Yet how we choose to participate determines the calibre of the moments we experience. Will they be mundane and ordinary, or will they be extraordinary?


This is not about striving to change our lives that only extraordinary moments occur but merely shifting our mindset to understanding that in every moment there is a choice. A choice to enhance our experience and this can be a small enhancement or the grandest gesture, it just doesn’t matter, the point is you have chosen to enhance it.


So how do we cultivate ceremony in the mundane moments?

Cultivating ceremony in the mundane moments comes down to recognising and accepting that there will always be the things we have to do that are seemingly mundane and ordinary but that the vibration that we meet them with will determine how it will be experienced.


For example, if you choose to brush your teeth because you have to, because you have been told that’s how you keep them all from rotting away, then it is something you come to do out of a place of rigorous routine, but do you find enjoyment in doing it? Have you even given a thought to how it makes you feel?


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Quite simply probably not, because it becomes something we participate in unconsciously. However, if we shift our mindset into a place of conscious action, we then give ourselves the permission to experience reality from a perspective of receiving, in this case, brushing our teeth whilst being aware of the gratitude we have for still having all your teeth will naturally move you out of a place of it being a boring chore into a space of wanting to honour your body in ceremony and as a by product of this brushing your teeth will happen. So instead of brushing your teeth being a mundane moment that you must do, it becomes something you want to do, you have now cultivated ceremony in an otherwise mundane moment.


Another perspective would be to speak in terms of energy, when we are doing things out of a space of the routine, we are generally operating out of the ego, out of a space of programming, you must shower for hygiene, you must sleep to rest, you must eat to survive, etc, but when you shift from the ego into the heart, you begin to realise that the things you participate in can serve you and have a satisfying reward. Everything we consciously participate in comes with a feeling. When we are operating from mechanisms of the Ego, we don’t feel anything. And what is life if we are devoid of feeling?

For example, let’s take the ordinary shower experience, we could have a very average shower experience or we could choose to cultivate satisfaction and joy in the experience by adding essential oils to the base of the shower, allowing it to fragrantly steam the shower cubicle, whilst listening to high vibrational music. You have taken an unconscious act of a mundane ordinary moment and met it with consciousness and made it a ceremonially extraordinary moment.


What extraordinary looks like to each person will be different, however if you truly despise doing the dishes, being able to cultivate ceremony in recognising you have the most incredible view that you can focus on whilst doing the dishes will be revolutionary to you. It will be different for everyone.


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Some ideas to turn the mundane into extraordinary

  1. Set your alarm slightly earlier to watch the sun rise as opposed to rushing straight into starting your day.

  2. Listen to an uplifting short podcast whilst having a shower.

  3. Infuse your bath with rose petals, salt & essential oils, and light a candle.

  4. Have a dance party whilst getting dressed.

  5. Play high-vibe music whilst eating breakfast or driving in your car.

  6. Bless your food with the highest intention for nourishment before you eat it.

  7. Do the dishes whilst thinking of things you are grateful for.

  8. Drive to work observing all the shapes in the clouds and the magic in nature around you.


The list is endless and all it requires is adding in one small thing that can create the biggest shift. This life is made up of plenty of mundane things to get done and we owe it to ourselves to start to enjoying life more and this truly begins when we shift, when we start to look at how can everything in life become a conscious ceremony, and because of this shift, we create far more extraordinary moments.


Candace Tozer, Soul Aligned Quantum Life Coach

Candace Tozer is a uniquely gifted soul aligned quantum life coach, her passion lies in seeing her clients thrive not just survive, moving them out of the mindset and embodiment of limitation into the realm of possibility. Candace’s coaching focuses on teaching her clients to embody spirituality at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level, ensuring an all-encompassing experience and a holistically sustainable way of being in everyday life. Candace shares the tools needed to reconnect and establish a deeper connection to one’s true self. Session areas of focus on cultivating a connection to presence, meditation, breathwork, nervous system regulation, detox and the art of alchemy.



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