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What Would You do if I Told You That You Can Hack Your Own Matrix?

Written by: Kika Schunemann, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This article barely scratches the basics of "Spiritual Response Therapy" as the Universe expands, so does your matrix and the research, as well as healing provided, is limitless and infinite. You can take the blue or red pill now. It is always your choice, and you have "Free Will."

Spiritual Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy is not a religion or a ritual of any kind. It is instead a therapy for the free-spirited individuals who have or not a religion. In other words, it works on everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Has it occurred to you that for the majority of your existence on this planet, you have been pre-programmed to live the life you are experiencing by repeating the same karmic lessons carried forward from past lives?

In this article, I am going to open up your mind and heart to receive information that will definitely leave you empowered to hack your matrix and, if desired, enhance your life with the assistance of your own superintelligence, your High Self.

You deliberately chose to come back to this planet, with your own chosen body, your family, your culture, and your own life’s hurdles, so that through your human body and experience, your Soul can grow, evolve and expand in consciousness and awareness.

The school of life is a never-ending process of constant learning, but have you stopped for a minute and asked yourself what sort of learning is the one you are having; is it from a place of hardship or a place of abundance? is it fear-based or lead by love?

Every thought, every emotion, every idea, and everything else has a frequency.

Just imagine our human body is a computer or a tablet constantly receiving and emanating energy. It has endless programs and applications actively running in the background, and some that only activate when a misfortune event in our life occurs, expectedly or unexpectedly.

The programs run in the Soul, Subconscious, and Conscious Minds, and we are totally unaware of them and what they are doing. We are only aware of the 2% of our thoughts, and the 98% remaining are just an unorganized party of programs in our Subconscious Mind ruling our lives on their demand.

The applications activate when we tap on them, some applications are positive, and some others are negative. And most of the time, we leave those negative apps open and running wild.

What a mess! Living our life with a messy computer and expired apps only creates havoc in our matrix.

But there’s a way of pressing control+alt+delete and re-booting the whole system.

That way is with the most advanced healing modality today, Spiritual Response Therapy, which is a very dynamic and super-fast type of therapy that researches in-depth the Soul records (Akashic Records) and clears all unwanted, unneeded programs from the root cause in our Soul, Subconscious and Conscious Minds.

This therapy is conducted by channeling with precision what needs to be cleared.

The High Self leads the session and tells the story.

Through SRT, we look at life from the infinite point of view and radiant love to pinpoint the perception of life challenges, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

An SRT session looks like this:

  • Preparing both of us for work by connecting to each other’s High Self and Spiritual Committees.

  • Opening up the Soul for healing.

  • Removing blockages to receiving and accepting healing light.

  • Making sure you are aligned to your divine plan (life mission and purpose)

  • Making sure we are both grounded, and our triple shields of light are in place.

  • Then we focus on the issues that are being perceived by you, and we retrieve percentages.

  • Then a general clearing starts to go deeper and deeper until all programs creating the issue are clear. (May it be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or situation of any kind)

In some cases, a particular protocol is used to make even more research and to conduct a deeper healing.

During the therapy session, we are always aware and awake. No hypnosis is needed. All the brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta) are active and running simultaneously as we are channeling pure information from the light to the highest level of consciousness of the Soul, which is the New Paradigm and beyond.

We are both in an awakened meditative estate for some hours.

As we are all divine light just in a denser form (humans), we all have masculine and feminine energy, and both energies should be actively running to one hundred percent in us, otherwise we have blockages to the realization of our human experience on this planet, and we block our abundance of all things automatically.

Then in a session, we would look into the following set of questions as well to raise both masculine and feminine energies in us regardless of our gender.

  • In what percentage is the masculine energy? It should always be at one hundred percent positive and zero percent negative.

  • In what percentage is the feminine energy? It should always be at one hundred percent positive and zero percent negative.

And a clearing is conducted around those questions to raise both masculine and feminine energies.

How often do we find ourselves in situations that seem that there’s no way out, and we start looking for solutions or miracles to happen?

  • To what percentage is our judgment and perception of the situation that we are experiencing and feel blinded from the peaceful and harmonious resolution?

  • To what percentage is our codependency towards the situation at hand?

Humans are habitual, and we live life from the comfort zone; whether it is a positive path or not, we simply are used to it, but we are always secretly wishing for something to change, for that issue to disappear, or to have more knowledge and the right tools to overcome those hurdles that are present in our path.

Therefore clearing the codependency, we hold with people, an emotion, an illness, a thought, or a situation is paramount to detach ourselves from it so that the experience is lived from a place of love and not from a place of fear. We start to witness that the best outcome starts to unfold with ease and grace immediately.

Love is the opposite of fear.

The Soul wants to learn from the human experience through love and not from fear, which is Ego based.

We as human beings should be able to manage our own positive and negative energies (apps) by doing an energy management clearing a few times per year to keep our own vibrational frequency in alignment with the energy of love, which is abundant in itself and available to all of us.

When the judgment or perception that a human being is toxic, and everyone runs in the opposite direction to not get “infected” as if it was a disease, just look at yourself first for a moment and ask if you are capable of lifting, dealing, managing and healing your own Soul.

Only then the evolution of the collective consciousness starts to shift, and the whole of humanity begins to heal at the same time that you heal yourself and evolve. When you do your part, you are immediately projecting unconditional love for the greatest and most elevated good of humanity.

Likewise, by connecting to the highest frequency that is love, we start to love ourselves and others more, accept ourselves and others more, and become totally compassionate with our own flaws to transmute them into gifts and talents.

When we leave the old fashioned way of judging everyone else and ourselves for our misfortunes (lessons), we turn into beautiful expressions of joy.

That is a life lead by LOVE.

It doesn’t matter how many times we have managed a situation with the same foot, negative situations are merely lessons, and the lessons that we are learning do not make us bad people; we just weren’t taught how to do it better.

And that’s when SRT becomes a very powerful tool, very handy. SRT teaches us to live life with freedom, freedom from “mistakes and misfortunes” freedom from illness, freedom from heartbreak, freedom from trauma, freedom from control, freedom from burnout by removing all the negative programs and apps running in our Soul, Subconscious, and Conscious Minds.

  • To what percentage are we assisting from a place of Love the rise of the collective consciousness?

  • To what percentage do we feel and believe that we are all ONE?

  • To what percentage does our Soul believe that we are separated from the Source?

The questions above open up infinite possibilities to work on a multitude of themes and the many challenges of life and allow us to explore the negative energies that are blocking our positive potentials and positive energies.

When the most important positive potential gets blocked (self-esteem), we find ourselves in very tricky relationships of all kinds.

So when we are second-guessing our relationships, we must pay attention to our self-esteem first, and that also includes our relationship with money.

  • To what percentage is my self-esteem positive in me?

  • What is our vibration towards money?

  • To what percentage do we hold antagonist energy with...?

  • To what percentage are we living a love life of codependency?

  • To what percentage are we living from a place of freedom?

  • To what percentage are we giving freedom?

Freedom is free when we rid ourselves of all our pre-programming, the collective unconsciousness, the inherited limited paradigms, the negative potentials, the negative motivations of a limited and expired education and system that has lead humanity to live in constant error by making us believe that “life is like that” or that “it is what it is” when in fact thinking that way is merely a program of inherited victimhood and self-sabotage, to say the least.

Imagine how would you feel if you could turn your life, health, mental health, finances, and emotional IQ around in a matter of months and start living with more joy, love, laughter, happiness, freedom, success, abundance, prosperity, and zero stress and become the best version of yourself.

I hope this article gave you some new information you didn’t know existed, or it expanded your knowledge of the repertoire of holistic therapies available globally today.

I have been an SRT therapist for the past five years. When I discovered and attended my first session, I was blown away, and in one session only, my depression vanished. I remember I told my therapist, “my life is not a hot mess; it is a spicy disaster” do something, please! and 3 hours later, the outlook for a better and brighter future started to develop in me...I felt alive and connected again! I always knew there was something else out there for me, and for all of us that didn’t seem daunting and packed with antidepressants and what not... and now I live a life of freedom, pure unconditional love, abundance, and purpose. My deepest desire is to enable the same for you.

My healing service to humanity is my mission, but your healing is your responsibility.

I am also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) that also makes me a clairsentient. Therefore I am very empathetic with a huge heart that many times occupy more than half of my mind, but regardless of my generosity, I will always have a very keen ear and heart to listen to you too.

I always compliment our SRT sessions with Dr. Bach Flower Essence Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Remedies to keep releasing old stagnant energy and to allow the integration to take place with a lot more support and love.

“Dr. Bach flower essences saved my life when I fell in a very cold pond and suffered hypothermia in a very remote place 3 hours away from a hospital in a South American country when I was 12 years old.”

All Spiritual Response Therapies can be done at a distance globally in English or Spanish. The effect is the same and instant.

All we need to do is to jump on a video call and allow this divine process to take place in you.

Heal Your Soul-Heal Your Life!



If you feel inclined and prompted to work with me and to invest in you, to hack your matrix, to re-train your Subconscious and Conscious Minds, and to heal your Soul with this fast-track healing modality, I kindly ask you to send me a direct message through my website.


Kika Schunemann, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kika is a Soul therapist and life coach, she is accredited by the Spiritual Response Association in Washington DC. She is based in London, she is a Soulpreneur and has changed the lifestyle of thousands of people globally.



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