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What Is A Holistic Coach And Who Should Have One?

Written by: Renèe Hughes, Executive Contributor

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Holistic is a term that has become increasingly popular over the last decade. As alternative and integrative healthcare becomes more popular, holistic care is on the rise. However, what exactly is a holistic coach? What makes it different than general health coaching and who would need a holistic coach?

Let’s begin by unpacking the idea of holistic care. Holistic healthcare incorporates a person's whole self including body and mind. The body and mind have a powerful connection! Emotional pain can turn to physical pain and physical pain impacts emotional pain.

Health-conscious individuals enjoy finding natural solutions to general health concerns. Remedies for cold, flu, allergies, and chronic pain are commonly resolved within holistic care. Interestingly holistic coaches have gained a reputation for taking natural health care a step further. For example, those struggling with "mysterious" symptoms may want to seek out a holistic coach. Symptoms may come in the form of food sensitivities or pain that remains undiagnosed.

Feeling sick and not knowing why leads to frustration and increased symptoms. Holistic health care often helps to resolve this dilemma.

A holistic coach helps their client step back and take a big picture look at what is happening with the mind and body.

What can you expect from a holistic coach?

Although your coach is looking at your health with a wide lens, the best coaches specialize. You can expect your holistic coach to approach your symptoms with specificity. General holistic coaches tend to get general results. So, look for a coach that specializes in your particular concern.

A lot of holistic coaches specialize in mental and emotional support. How do these coaches differ from licensed therapists? A holistic coach is a certified profession, not licensed. They are proficient in anatomy, physiology, and pathology. However, they will not diagnose, treat or prescribe. Instead, they will work with you to bring harmony to the body and ignite its natural ability to heal.

Most holistic coaches do not accept insurance. Be prepared to pay for your consultation. Holistic coaching ranges from $150-$1000 per hour. It all depends on the coach's experience, proven results, and the depth of their program

Your holistic coach may also refer you to someone in traditional medicine. This is a normal next step for some seeking holistic care. Professional holistic coaches are aware when something is outside of their scope. In this case, referrals are common.

Holistic coaches spend a lot of time with their clients. Spending 2-3 hours with your coach is not unusual, especially on the first visit. You can also expect a lot of lifestyle changes. Holistic coaches recommend everything from changes in employment to changes in food. Some holistic coaches recommend supplements or essential oils to help the body heal. However, these recommendations should not be excessive.

How does a person become a holistic coach?

Most holistic coaches hold multiple certifications. Holistic coaching is a certified profession and not a licensed profession. There are schools that specialize in holistic coaching. Most holistic coaches start out as health or life coaches. In recent years, Aromatherapy coaches are also moving into the holistic coach space.

A qualified holistic coach will have:

  1. At least one certification in wellness from an accredited school

  2. Completed courses in Anatomy and Physiology

  3. Conducted case studies with the oversight of an experienced coach

  4. Graduated at 85% GPA or higher and completed at least 250 hours of coursework

Hiring a holistic coach is an excellent way to address many chronic concerns of the mind and body. It is a welcome alternative for those looking for complete support for their health.

Learn more about holistic health coaching:

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For more information on becoming a successful holistic coach, schedule a consultation with Holistic Champions founder, Renee Hughes.

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Renèe Hughes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Renèe Hughes is a Holistic Coach Mentor. Specializing in holistic business building through compelling messaging. Founder of The Aromaspecialists, she mentors aspiring leaders in aromatherapy and holistic coaching. Her students go on to create impactful brands across the globe. Renee believes that most holistic professionals perform well below their potential. Her mission is to inspire leaders to reach their greatest potential in life and business.



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