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Unlock The Power Of Miracles – Discover How Blessing Others Creates Positive Change

Written by: Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, Executive Contributor

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In my 30 years as a healer and Akashic Record reader, I have created miracles from the simple act of blessing others.

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How it works

There have been many times when I have been asked for help in breaking psychic cords or attachments. From my experience, my answer is always the same:

“You have to bless them every day.”

This answer applies to any person or situation you believe still binds you. I had my own experience with an unhappy relationship. I asked my inner guidance how to break the sexual cords I had with a partner and the answer came clearly and to the point,

“You have to bless him every day!”

That response was met with huge resistance from me, as he wasn’t a nice guy! I didn’t think he deserved such a loving action, let alone a miracle! As my resistance grew, I heard God/Source again,

“Do you really think I love you more than I love him? All that will ever happen to him is that he will receive another opportunity to love and be loved. This is what happens for everyone, regardless of what they have done.”

Surrendering to miracles

Despite my initial resistance, I surrendered to the advice and did what I was told. Whenever I thought of my partner, I closed my eyes and said, “I bless you.”

I did it without thinking of any particular outcome. I continued to repeat the statement whenever he entered my mind, (whichwas often in those early days.) Quickly, the cords between us dissolved, never to return.

I have seen this simple intention cause miracles and complete reversals of negative situations in my clients’ lives as well. I believe it’s because by blessing you acknowledge no one is guilty, and all people deserve the grace and love of God.

Blessing releases all concerned from our falseideas of judgmentand punishment.

The simple act of blessing puts things right and opens the potential for a miracle to occur. Instead of condemnation, it offers love. Blessings erase and release negativity. It causes surprising, and sometimes miraculous, outcomes. There are only two steps:

  1. Simply say, “I bless you.” Or “I bless this situation.”

  2. Next, remove any thoughts about a particular outcome.

By leaving the outcome to God/Source, you are letting go of your ego and allowing God to free you and all concerned from bondage. I learned a valuable lesson from God/Source about blessings and miracles. It was clear I had no right to judge anyone.

How to know if you are mistaken

I know I am mistaken when I think anyone deserves blame or punishment. But I am not mistaken when I offer God’s blessing upon someone. In blessing, I am in accord with God’s will. I am aligning with miracles. This is what heals and restores the mind and heart to correct seeing and feeling. This is forgiveness at the highest level.

Blessings and bye for now.

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

AHONU (Ireland) & Aingeal Rose (USA) are a Twin Flame couple who, following numerous personal tragedies, have devoted their 50-years combined experience to providing self-help solutions and practical spirituality in this fast changing world. In 2016, they founded Twin Flame Productions which has published over 1,000 children’s and consciousness expanding books which have empowered people worldwide to positive growth and loving change.



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