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Energy Healing Miracles During Times Of Grief

Written by: Arti Pancholi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This is Mary’s story about exploring energy healing to handle grief, and how the guided experience to her soul records completely rejuvenated her personal and business life!

Mary came to me just a few months after losing the love of her life, her dear husband Andrew, to a terminal illness. He was her whole world, and she was his. Completely devoted, they did everything together, sharing so much, including a large, successful business they jointly ran.

I loved her strength and determination, and through a clear channel, I made no promises as to whether I could connect her with Andrew. However, we made that connection...and so much more!! My spiritual detective skills came through to give more clarity and information about the unique nature of the spiritual connection between this couple. With the help of Mary’s higher self and soul records, we learned that Mary and Andrew were siamese souls! Siamese Souls are two souls intertwined. This siamese soul connection continues for lifetimes, ending only when one or both decide to break free. This also means that in every lifetime, Mary and Andrew have been and could remain connected. Curious as to what happens next with Andrew gone from the physical world, we wondered what role he would now play in her life. Was he gone forever? I found that he is a member of the High Council in the spiritual realm. We were getting strong signals that a connection could be established due to this. From the other side, in this role, he is able to support and guide Mary on her continued journey on this physical plane. On that very day, Mary was able to establish a connection with Andrew!! Her tears of sadness were replaced with tears of joy! Since then, life has been magical for Mary. Andrew sends Mary physical signs daily, including actual physical gifts! Shortly after Mary’s second Akashic energy healing session, she had found a stone frog on her front lawn! She and Andrew shared a private joke about frogs that no one else knew about! And, whilst a beautiful love story continued beyond Earth. Mary faced some challenges within the business. Shockingly she was out-voted from her position as CEO in the company at the behest of a particular board member. A huge shock and disappointment, as Mary and Andrew had built this company up to achieving high levels of success, and Mary was determined to protect the legacy she had created with Andrew, she returned for more spiritual help. In our next healing session, we focused on fortifying Mary’s intentions to win her position back as CEO in the company. By clearing and opening her up energetically to attract and receive more supportive people around her, we activated her wealth on a deeper soul level. Positioned to better fulfill the dream she shared with Andrew, within only 2 months, Mary won back her position by majority vote, and this difficult board member left the company. A double win!!

The legacy preserved, the company through Mary’s clear energy, a radiant aura, and powerful leadership has attracted even larger and more prestigious international contracts, which have propelled the company to new heights. With the power of our healing sessions, Mary has enhanced her confidence, released her grief, gained greater clarity of mind, strengthened her relationships, and enhanced the loyal and devoted company support team who surround her, as she leads the company from a place of love and kindness, proudly carrying Andrew’s legacy. She is one strong, unstoppable, and amazing woman! Mary and I continue to work together, where she continues to achieve business success and to keep her sacred connection clear with Andrew.

Co-creating with the Universe from our soul records is truly next-level!

It took Mary’s love story beyond Earth, and through dimensions to heights that allowed herself to envision and experience peace, wealth, and abundance.

Each soul’s experience is unique and a treasure I am blessed to support.

For one to one bespoke energy healing and clearing to bring inner peace, wealth, and abundance, please email me at, or feel free to directly message on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram.


Arti Pancholi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Arti Pancholi is a Spiritual Wealth Coach and Akashic Energy Healer, empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to clear, heal, activate wealth, and restore inner peace through their Akashic Records. She specializes in helping women to manifest wealth using their soul gifts and clear all deep-rooted soul blocks from their Akashic records and higher levels of consciousness, with the assistance of her Akashic Guides and Divine Angelic Beings. For long-lasting transformations, she has helped to clear chakras, auras, karmic debt, soul vows, hooks, curses, contracts, conditioning, negative entities, imprints, fears, wounds, and trauma, from past, present, and future lives. She has successfully helped women to magnetize their soul intentions into physical form. She knows that manifestation is more than mindset work. It’s mastering the energetics of soul consciousness from higher dimensions for consistent success and true happiness.



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