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The Global Marketplace is Starving for Feminine Leadership

Written by: Fareen Ash, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If there were ever a time when women needed to embrace their true essence, it would be now.

There is a growing misconception of what it means for a woman to embrace, nourish and cultivate her femininity. The backlash and misinterpretations of what it means to be feminine are mounting. Women who dare to embrace this natural part of themselves are silently demonized for it. They are often perceived as weak and subservient by men, women alike.

It could not be further from the truth. A woman that embraces this part of herself has access to the world in a way that most will never experience. Femininity is the gateway to impact in love and business. And I say this with the utmost respect to our masculine counterpart, of course.

The rise of feminine leadership will restore balance, harmony, and equality in its purest sense.

With the advent of the feminist movement, women have forgotten and disowned their true nature. Women compete in the world for value over core needs that are masculine by nature.

Prestige and status now take precedence over love and connection. If we go back in history, we can see that men are by nature designed to hunt. Of course, there is no need to hunt for food, but even if the stimulus has changed, the very nature of hunting is still very much a necessary part of a man's DNA.

Today, the hunt is for wealth, status, prestige. It is in man's very nature to go after what he wants and even compete for it. When a woman is out in the world "hunting" for resources, she increases the male hormone. Now, her biochemistry is out of balance. Naturally, she will become unhappier, unfulfilled, and even depleted. Women experience a deficiency in their natural hormones and desire testosterone-building achievements to feel good. This pushing against a women's true nature not only severely impacts her health and intimate relationship, but it is a grave disservice to the world.

In a world where a surplus of energy moves towards competition, dominance, and greed, feminine leadership is the ultimate pathway to restoring humanity. A woman is influential when she embraces her strong intellectual capabilities and works to develop her most powerful gift, her femininity. Before I conclude this piece, let me explain that I have a strong educational background for those not versed in this area. I have a post-secondary and post-graduate degree, was admitted into a Masters of Public Policy Program, and worked as a litigation attorney for nearly ten years. I am financially abundant and have assets. I have achieved the above alone. Not by choice; it is just how my life unfolded. I do not lead with, nor do I inflate my sense of self with my worldly accomplishments and pursuits. It is just that. I pride myself on my feminine qualities: my heart, compassion, humility, playfulness, and softness. My accomplishments and ambition come second to my true nature, who I am, and how I show up in this world. My hope for this piece is to form an empowering belief of femininity's strength and power and dispel the outdated notion that it is demonstrative of weakness, dependency, and co-dependency.

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Fareen Ash, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Fareen is an Intimacy, Relationship and Attraction Strategist. She has a Graduate Degree in Honours Sociology, a Post-Graduate Degree in Law and is certified in Gender Intelligence and NeuroLinguistic/Timeline Therapy. For a period in her life, Fareen lived in government housing on welfare with her mom, who suffered from depression. She spent much of her time caring for her mom, working three jobs while also attending school due to their lack of financial resources. She worked tirelessly to earn scholarships to help subsidize her education and was the recipient of the Women in Doctoral Studies Grant and recipient of the Alden-Baldy Scholarship. Fareen practiced as a litigation lawyer for nearly ten years, where she gathered information on the dynamics between men and women and the inherent energies that govern human behaviour. She has since dedicated her life to helping accomplished women unleash their feminine power, heal the emotional body and rewire the survival mind that keeps them from embodying their authentic essence. She is passionate about Feminine Energy Embodiment in both love and leadership. Fareen has developed a unique and specialized method for mastering the mind, overcoming emotional blocks and relieving habitual negative patterning. Her mission: Femininity is a woman's superpower.



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