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The 3 Necessary Entrepreneurial Traits as Told by a Successful Ethiopian Entrepreneur: My Mom

Written by: Sefanit Berihun, Executive Contributor

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Being a first-generation Ethiopian-American, I have always veered on the side of caution. Financial and educational security were extremely important, so I did everything to attain this for my family and me even from an early age. My parents told me to get good grades to get into a good college, get into a good college to get a good job, get a good job to-you get the picture. However, while my parents preached the traditional American Dream to their children, they were living the more difficult entrepreneurial version as immigrants to this country.

Within four years of immigrating to the US, my young parents created and operated The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, which went on to be the only Ethiopian cuisine restaurant in the city for many years and, ultimately, the most successful. At the time, my life consisted of doing homework with my father on one of the many seating tables in the front and grabbing snacks and specially made goodies from my mother in the kitchen. Now, being a mother of two and an entrepreneur in the online world, I can’t fathom how a couple that barely knew English at the time established a long-living cult-favorite restaurant, much less mustered up the courage to even entertain this idea. The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant served ethnic cuisine successfully for over 20 years.

So you can imagine my response to my own fears and apprehension of pursuing the entrepreneurial life and starting up my online business...ARE YOU BLOODY KIDDING ME? Yes, I had a stable corporate engineering job providing me a biweekly paycheck, yes, I was comfortable, but I knew something was missing. My mother, ironically, or not so ironically, was the one urging me repeatedly to watch the initial webinar that started this whole journey for me earlier this year. She kept reminding me of my WHYs and that the ultimate goal is to work for oneself and gain the freedom of determining my work hours and my home life and being present for my young children and my husband. I guess once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, right?

Her three most important traits for a successful entrepreneur are:


Faith was a huge aspect for my parents in general and as entrepreneurs. You have to believe that this journey is all for something bigger than the money, the success, and quite honestly, even yourself. It is often a challenge as a new entrepreneur to surround yourself with those who believe in your vision considering the unconventional path of this career choice. However, have faith that you have the support and blessing from the most important one and that He can do greater things than any opportunity or connection you may ever acquire.


Why are you interested in entrepreneurship? Is it solely for your own gain? The answers to these questions are essential in determining your true intention and, ultimately, your degree of hunger for success on this journey. For me, yes, my online business allows me the time and financial freedom I desire in my own life, but the fact I get to share this with millions of others who want the same in their own life is my driving motivation. Sharing a blessing with those who are open to receive is the fulfillment I’ve craved my whole professional career.


Any entrepreneur will tell you that this path is not easy, not straightforward, and definitely not for the faint of heart. There will be endless days of quiet, diligent work requiring enormous amounts of discipline and consistency with only a sprinkle of victorious days that attest to all this hard work. Along with the external hardships, there will be an internal struggle of the mind to keep yourself focused and motivated no matter how small the daily progress may appear and no matter how unsupportive your circle may be. With the first two traits guiding your vision, you will be renewed and prepared for the daily battles and continue developing in faith and perseverance.

With my parents as inspiration, I have come to welcome every aspect of this amazing, exhausting, frustrating, and yet very rewarding entrepreneurial journey. Is it always pretty and magical? Absolutely not. But is it worth it? Definitely. Entrepreneurship is sought out by many and achieved by several, with even fewer who actually enjoy the process. I wish you all great success and happiness in your business ventures!

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Sefanit Berihun, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sefanit Berihun is a chemical engineer turned full-time entrepreneur with her global online business, Sefanit M Consulting. Her exit from the corporate world was integral in creating the time and financial freedom she desired to enjoy life with her two young children and her husband. Now she works tirelessly to share this opportunity with others who are also interested in time/financial freedom and want to utilize the ever-expanding online space to create a business and an income from home. A completely automated system is provided and maintained for clients who become business owners. Utilizing only attraction marketing, this business model consists of no sales, no multilevel marketing (MLM), and no product handling. Take back control of your time, finances, and career by exploring this opportunity.




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