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Written by: Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The pause during lockdown created by the pandemic resulted in the Schumann Resonance aka Earth's heartbeat, to spike. This means that all sentient beings that live upon the Earth will experience a shift from 3 Dimension to 5 Dimension, scientifically meaning there is an increase in alpha brainwaves allowing many the ability to connect with spirit, find the truth, find their soul purpose and heal – My family and I felt the spike of Earth’s Heartbeat.

We are grateful for the pandemic as it gave not just our family, but humanity time to awaken. Over time the more we connected with spirit the more we were entrusted to see Truth. This Truth motivates us to be better humans for humanity. There are many ways to connect with spirit, these are defined as Holistic or Alternative practices ‒ My family and I chose the route of Shamanism. We learnt (and continue to learn) the teachings that derive from Tuvan Siberia & Peruvian Shipibo tribes.

We hope that this article; answers all the most frequently asked questions surrounding Shamanism, help readers understand OUR perspective of Shamanism and how we use its methods to help heal ourselves and others spiritually. We define these questions through the experiences we have had, the help of spirit and our hearts, so that our truth can be understood.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a holistic well-being approach that offers new ways of perceiving and transforming your health, thoughts, emotions and the experience of life itself. What sets this work apart from many other health offerings is, together, we focus on how you find a balance to your issues through healing the spiritual aspect not just the physical aspect, and in return, you gain responsibility in your own inner healing, personal growth, and transformation. Shamanism delivers benefits ranging from easing of symptoms, tension release, the capacity to experience a broader range of emotions, along with longer-term, sustainable improvements in all aspects of your life.

There are many definitions of what is Shamanism; I chose not to discredit them because they add value to my definition, as I believe my definition (above) is formulated by my perspective and experience. I guess the older I get, the more I experience my definition will evolve.

What is a Shaman?

The general consensus is that we, as Shamans have the ability to shift our consciousness to enter the spirit world where we connect with different beings and ancestors who help heal individuals, with ancient knowledge. We are mediators, a vessel allowing spirit to do its work through us. The most common qualities Shamans have, are that they are compassionate, respectful, loving and non-judgemental. These fundamental characteristics allow Shamans to perform profound healings.

We are very different from traditional western medicine and therapists, however we love working alongside them, uniting our practices would bring a positive shift for all in need. We simply are a channel for the spirit to come and do their work for an individual in need of spiritual healing and guidance.

How can a Shaman help people?

Shamans identify what is happening behind the scenes. The issues you are not looking at because you have belief systems in place limiting you, e.g. fear of the unknown. When we break these down by identifying your habits and patterns, it allows you to receive a Trump card, like a rest button to take the opportunity to nurture and bring light and happiness rather than continuing old patterns. The best results happen to those that put in the work and choose to take this opportunity to change their own life.

What is a Shamanic Healing?

A Shamanic Healing is unique to each individual. We communicate to spirits in the realm of light, looking at where you are being affected by darkness and negativity, looking at how you treat your body, how you understand your emotions. Whilst you relax and use the time for self-care. A Shaman helps you build emotional intelligence and shifts your mental acuity. They do so with the help of energy, sound, songs, movement, instrumental tools, herbs, incense, crystals, and information. This lifts and shifts lower and dense vibrations to a higher perception of self, to teach you to be self-sufficient instead of co-dependent.

Each Shaman has its own unique way of healing, but what is paramount throughout our healings is that we make sure, you feel safe and free to express what needs to be released. We love what we do and we love helping others. We want to make sure you feel our love through our healings.

How do you feel during a Shamanic Healing?

Each session is very different, informal and enjoyable. In general, you will experience a series of specific, light energetic touches and gentle body movements as a Shaman engages with your system. Most people experience a sense of peace and calm during a session.

You should expect to be supported and nurtured with love to see, to know and love yourself. You are never going to be judged on any level, only nurtured and supported. The best results happen when individuals come willingly to let go, with no expectations other than knowing they are ready to step into their authentic selves by letting go of the past.

More often than not, a session causes feelings of overall wellbeing, increased flexibility, and a sense of “aliveness”. People often leave feeling more open-hearted, uplifted and connected to themselves.

What do you say to the cynical?

Ha! My family and I were cynical throughout training. A cynical person is just someone who is cautious and afraid of being duped. If my story, articles, blogs, vlogs I share do not resonate with you then that is okay, I thank you and wish you the best on your journey. But remember: don’t knock it until you try it!

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Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Giannina has been able to communicate with spirit since childhood, after many years of suffering from a family curse, her perpetrators let their guard down and Giannina managed to break free and embody her spiritual gift. Giannina heard her calling to become a Shaman and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner. She has since quickly gained recognition for her transformational healings across the country, working alongside her parents, who are also Shamans.

During Giannina’s Shamanic ceremony, she was given the blessing of Mother Energy and draws upon Mother, to transform trauma and pain into forgiveness and love. She works closely to bring deep healing to individuals, buildings and land. – It is no surprise Giannina’s given shamanic name is Mother, as hidden within her name is GAIA.

Giannina’s passion is to help others and what better way than through her natural gift of spiritual healing? Understanding her role in this life is to leave Humanity better than how she found it; Giannina is the Founder of Humans of Humanity, where she offers Shamanic healing for all who seek it, she is also the CEO of Gentle Grow, where she sells conscious products.



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