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Prep for a Phenomenal Year

Written by: Desiree Bolin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Two weeks until year-end. Yikes.

This year has punched us, knocked us down, and forced perseverance. You deserve an unbeatable season and the best time to prepare for this is at the beginning of the year. Let’s get you prepped with these 6 steps:

  1. Ritualize Goal Setting

  2. Hold Yourself Accountable

  3. Adjust Your Mindset

  4. Focus on What You Can Control

  5. Get A System In Place

  6. Continue Your Education

Ritualize Goal Setting

Goal setting and a great action plan. Leading a company from the driving forces of who we are and why we do it should always be at the top of mind during these sessions. Also, having a firm grasp on what you want to achieve will supply you with extreme motivation & drive, increasing as does the momentum. Turn each goal into actionable, achievable, and measurable items. Breaking over-arching end goals down into smaller tasks makes everything more attainable and will allow you to direct the team and hold everyone accountable. If you have a team, share the plan with them, it is important the entire team/company is marching forward with the same goals.

SMART goals are the best goals.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Accountability is a must-have.

If you lose momentum easily and cannot see past the big picture, it’s time to find an accountability partner. A biz bestie (as I like to call it), a mentor, or even a colleague that you talk with daily or even weekly is ideal, but there are accountability coaches that you can hire & work with as well.

Remember, action makes progress.

Adjust Your Mindset

Rid yourself of all negative, self-doubting thoughts that are limiting your ability to move forward. You got this. You started this business for a reason. Having an unimpeachable & empowering mindset for yourself and others and an exuberant confidence in all areas of your life and your business paves the road to limitless happiness & satisfaction.

Believing is half the hurdle.

Focus on What You Can Control

Accept the fact there are SO many things that are outside of your control. Don’t live in this space.

Align yourself with what you have power over. Surround yourself with those that will support, guide, and push you to be more, no matter what. Stray away from those that are false. How do we do this? Spend time concentrating on those things that you and your team have the capability of changing, shaping, and to mold. Actively pursue tasks that will elevate and take your company higher than ever before.

Actively pursue things that make your life better.

Get A System In Place

Don’t know what a good marketing and sales process looks like? There are so many companies out there that focus on this, don’t let an area of your business fall apart because it isn’t your bread and butter. Reach out to an expert (including myself) for guidance & counsel.

Already have a system in place? Analyze it. There are bound to be holes in the process. It is absolutely essential to nail down your processes and the best system that works for you. The faster you realize there are gaps in your business, the faster you are able to take action and set yourself up for a successful year to come. Also, remember this does not need to be done alone. Ask the experts.

Know where you’re going before you get there.

Continue Your Education

Read a book. Take a course. Get certified. Peruse an article. Do a crossword.

Do one thing every day that sparks your interest and enhances your thinking. Remember, this does not have to be something in your field or area of expertise. Expanding your knowledge in general will help in more ways than one. For example, you might not be a tech company, but keeping up on the latest will help your company in the future when making decisions about growing their internal tech pack. The most successful people utilize the practice of growth beyond their business’ four walls and, clearly, it pays off.

Make yourself be highly successful.

The beginning of the new year provides so much hope and opportunity. It feels like a clean slate and a way to start over. Putting these six simple steps into practice will allow the company to stay focused and accomplish everything they dream of for the year to come.

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Desiree Bolin, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Desiree Bolin is a highly recommended EVA and OBM, passionate about helping business owners and C-level executives create repeatable, scalable processes that have never failed to decrease stress and overwhelm. With no heavy lifting required, she will help you drive change and growth within your organization. She has helped companies of many different industries and structures attain exponential success. She will continue to provide high-level support and friendship to all who need her.



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