My 7 Secrets to Making Sales with Unwavering Confidence

Written by: Olesya Oligradska, Executive Contributor

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Most of the world sees sales as a sleazy, pushy, & manipulative. I see sales as an opportunity to serve the world. I’m not sure where or when the disconnect started to happen, but I am on a mission to fill the gap. One of the biggest reasons I started my podcast, The Soulful Selling Podcast, was because I was tired of seeing ambition people turning down incredible opportunities due to the fact that they didn’t want to sell. But the truth is that it’s not sales that turned people away. It’s the fear of rejection.

In this article, I will be sharing my 7 secrets to making sales with unwavering confidence because when we are confident in what we do, we are able to put the fear of rejection aside and flourish. So let’s begin!

Secrets #1: Leaders are Readers

It’s our responsibility to fill our minds with information that is going to help expect our perspective. When we expand our perspective, we are more open to new opportunities and possibilities. This is such an overlooked point. Picture this, what if you read 1 book per month. That’s 12 books per year and 120 books per decade. Imagine the kind of resource you would become not only for yourself, but for the people around you. What are you reading these days? I would love for you to share it! Post on your Instagram story & tag me @olesyaoligradska.

Secret #2: Get Clear on Who Your Ideal Client is

I see people feel a lot of resistance around this one. I think a bit part of it is that we feel if we are too neighed down that we will miss out on other business. But here is the truth…the more people you are speaking to through your marketing, the more people are confused about what you do, and the less they will buy. People want to buy from people who are an authority in their work. You wouldn’t have a heart surgeon operate on your brain, would you? So stop catering to all and start focusing on your ideal client. Here is a quick method to narrow down your ideal client: who are you serving, what are you helping them with, what transformation should they expect from your work together. I will use mine as an example: I help spiritual leaders rewire their beliefs so they can go from salesy to sales queens and build their soul-aligned empires. Now you try!

Secret #3: Always show up as your most authentic self

I think this is where sales got its sleazy vibes. When we sell from a selfish place, we make it all about ourselves, and we forget about the person inform of us. We know that it is not coming from an authentic place, because if we were selling to the person we love, we would never sell from a selfish place. We would always be thinking about them and their needs. So how would you show up and sell if you were selling to your family or friends?

Secret #4: Create really good content

This is where being clear about who you are here to serve is so important. When we know who we are speaking too, our content becomes magnetic. Your ideal client will start saying things like “You are speaking to my soul”. So, teach us your biggest lessons and be as vulnerable as you possibly can. It’s the most valuable tool in our toolbox. Create magnetic FREE content that will speak to your ideal client’s soul. This will help them get to know you and eventually want to buy from you. I also want you to use your social media to educate, inspire, and connect to your ideal client! Let them get to know you! We all know people buy from people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST!

Secret #5: You need to be on your own healing journey, so you can help others do the same

The biggest thing most new entrepreneurs miss is that they must rewire their old programming around all aspects of their lives in order to create the business of their dreams. For us to be able to do this, we must heal the part of us that holds us back from taking the actions in our business that we know we need to. For example, fear of rejection is one of those wounds we must heal. We must dig deep and uncover where these limiting beliefs come from; otherwise, we will be holding ourselves back until we do.

So, take a deep look at your beliefs about money, business, success, relationships and self. What do you believe to be true for you? Take some time to do this and reflect back on which beliefs will help you to expect and which ones are holding you back from growing in your business. For the ones that you feel are holding you back, can you rewire them? What new beliefs would you want to embody that will help you to feel expensive. For me, when I think of sales, I don’t think sleazy. I think service. That feels super expansive and empowering! So which ones are you ready to rewire?

Secret #6: Always put the customer first

One of the biggest beliefs I have embodied is that relationships with my ideal clients come before the sale. Remember, people buy from people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. So does your ideal client know you? Do you know them? Have you made a connection that will get them excited about getting to know you and what you have to offer? Again, we are going back to knowing your ideal client and their needs. When you get to a place where this feels as comfortable as riding a bike, you have yourself a thriving business!

Secret #7: Drop the expectation and go out and SERVE!

When we stop seeing people as dollar signs and start focusing on the transformation, we can guide them to; the sky is the limit in our business. I think a lot of the time, we get so excited about our business's sales and forget to celebrate the journey we are about the take our new clients on. On the other hand, we also need to understand that not everyone will want to buy from us, and that is totally okay! We must also embody the belief that just because people aren't buying from us doesn't mean we are not enough or worth it. We are enough! We are worthy! We just have to get clear on who we want to work with and hold a crystal clear vision that if we speak from the heart and make the sale about the other person, we will always be supported!

In summary, confidence comes from believing in yourself and your abilities. It also comes with the belief that what you are selling with help to solve the world so fill your head with expansive content, get clear on who your ideal client is. Always show up as your most authentic self, create really good content, emerge yourself in your healing journey, always put the customer first, and drop the expectations so you can go out and serve!

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Olesya Oligradska, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Olesya Oligradska is an exercise rehab specialist turned business and mindset mentor. Her passion lies in helping women rewire their beliefs and reclaim their worth so they can sell and growth their business with confidence. She is on a mission to help women build a life of freedom and choice through holistic growth inside and out. She is also the host of The Soulful Selling Podcast, a platform where sales is no longer a dirty word and abundance gets to be the new norm.



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