Mindset Matter - How to Create an Equation for Success!

Written by: LeAnn Smith, Executive Contributor

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I hate to break it to you, but hiring a Coach, Trainer, Nutritionist, or other health-related professional does not guarantee you will be successful.

It does not mean the work will be easier. It does not mean you will automatically achieve your goals.

Hiring a health and wellness professional means you want guidance, support, education, motivation, inspiration, and accountability. The reality is, if you aren’t willing to show up for yourself and do the work, you won’t be successful.

The work doesn’t start with how many pushups you do or how many salads you eat. It doesn’t start with drinking more water or going to bed earlier, either.

"The real work starts with mindset."

Your mindset affects your behaviors which, in turn, creates the transformation you desire. Your equation to success looks something like this:

Mindset + Behavior = Transformation

There are two types of mindsets: fixed mindset and growth mindset.

  • A fixed mindset believes that there are things about you that can’t be changed. It means you have limiting beliefs about what you can learn or do.

  • Whereas a growth mindset means you believe that you are capable of expanding your intelligence, abilities, and talents. A growth mindset believes that people can learn, grow, and change.

A person with a fixed mindset believes that they have limitations. They blame obstacles, challenges, or limitations for their setbacks. They see these limitations as what is keeping them from achieving their goals. A fixed mindset will keep you in a never-ending cycle of frustration, resentment, and negativity.

On the other hand, as a person with a growth mindset, you feel capable of learning, growing, expanding, and evolving. Your behaviors will reflect that. You will embrace change and challenges. You don’t see limitations but, rather, opportunities to learn. You accept that change doesn’t come easy and requires work, which results in achieving your goals.

Your mindset will, in turn, affect your behaviors. Think of your behaviors as the action part of your mindset. It’s how you will respond to situations, how you will conduct yourself and how you will interact with others. So, in essence, your behaviors could be considered ‘fixed’ or ‘growth.’

Someone with ‘fixed’ behavior will take limited or no action, respond negatively to change, challenges or learning. They will have excuses for not putting in the effort it takes to achieve their desired goals.

On the flip side, an individual with ‘growth’ behavior will actively pursue ways to reach their goals. Their behavior will be open, and they have a ‘can do’ attitude to any challenge or obstacle they will face.

Let’s go back to the individual hiring a Coach or Trainer.

A fixed-minded individual will look to the Coach or Trainer as the answer to the desired results or transformation. When the Coach or Trainer doesn’t turn out to be a savior, the fixed-minded individual gets bitter, frustrated, and possibly blames them.

A growth-minded individual will hire a Coach or Trainer for the ‘value-added’ to support, guide, and educate them to achieve their desired results. The individual is willing to learn, grow and try new things. They know they need to work toward their goals and adapt along the way. They view the Coach or Trainer as a support system and embrace the challenges offered.

You can live the life you desire and aspire to reach your goals. If you continuously get the same results, it’s time to take a pause, step back and re-evaluate your mindset. Ask yourself:

  • How do I see my setbacks?

  • Am I blaming other people or things?

  • Do I see setbacks as an opportunity to learn?

  • Am I open to trying new things?

  • Am I really taking responsibility for my life?

Change and evolving into our best selves isn’t an easy process. Transformation requires time and effort. It requires that you show up for yourself and do the work day in and day out. To embrace the lessons along the way. To be willing to grow and change.

Are you ready?

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LeAnn Smith, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

LeAnn works with clients that are ‘stuck’ in their wellness journey either by injury, illness, disease, or otherwise. Her approach is to meet you where you are, partner together to create a customized plan to support your goals and lifestyle. With over eleven years of experience, LeAnn provides a full spectrum approach of wellness modalities to her clients, such as Personal Training, Yoga Instruction, Health & Nutrition Coaching. Her motto: Welcome home, your vibrant self awaits!

LeAnn also offers Corporate Wellness solutions for organizations of all sizes. With over fourteen years of corporate Human Resources experience, she brings a wealth of corporate, organizational knowledge and understanding and the ability to provide customized and engaging health and wellness solutions.



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